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Robotic Hair Transplant In India

Baldness is a common issue affecting many men across the globe. It can have a hugely negative impact on the looks, confidence level andappearance of a person. Robotic Hair Transplant is a state of the art treatmentmethod that stands as a good way to treat hereditary baldness and thinninghair. Find out about some of the best advantages of this process.

In India,baldness is very common in men in the above-50 age group and Robotic HairTransplant is very popular as a new way of treating the condition. India hasestablished restoration clinics where medical caregivers go that extra mile toestablish trust between patients and surgeons. Patients can feel more assuredwith the knowledge that they are undergoing treatment from professionals withthe best hands in the medical domain.

In the last few years, the rise in Indian economy has madethese surgeries affordable for even the middle class. Advanced research andimproved techniques have also brought down the costs of the operation. Evenoverseas patients with hair thinning problems are coming to India to make themost of the affordable Robotic HairTransplant processes.

How Does Robotic Hair Transplant Work?

The method involves the use of a 3D simulation process tounderstand how the crown will look like after operation. A healthy hair sectionis mapped out, generally from the side or the back, to offer donor follicles. Arobot makes a small needle incision and draws out 1 – 3 follicles and hairs,one at a time, until it harvests the desired amount. When punches on the areaare completed, then the surgeons manually remove the grafts from the scalp.This continues until enough grafts are harvested for the transplant. ARTASRobotic hair transplant technology is used to create recipient sites accordingto exact specifications programmed by the surgeon. No stitches are needed, andno signs of surgery are evident. The hair re-grows after some time.

This restorative hair surgery technique usually requires 4 –8 hours. In some cases, it needs multiple sessions. The process needs surgicalteam with members who are certified and trained on the robotic system.

What Are The Benefits/Advantages of Robotic Hair Transplant?

No need for stitches - The method, unlike strip surgery,involves making tiny punctures during hair-grafting. This eliminates the needfor stitches.

Quicker recovery – This is a scar-free and pain-freecosmetic operation that helps in faster recovery, and to get a full head ofnatural, healthy hair. There are no linear scars visible after operation,unlike strip surgery.

More success – The method is also very precise when it comesto hair harvesting, and comes with a higher rate of success. As it involvesmechanical transplantation of hair follicles, there are no risks of human errorand the healthy, existing hair strands are not damaged. There is a highersatisfaction rate after this type of operation.

Which Doctors Are Using It?

The surgery needs doctors and surgeons who are known tooffer the best restorative solutions to patients, such as Hair RestorationSurgeons like Chilukuri Krishna Priya, MD and SumitAgrawal, MS, MCh. Plastic Surgeons Narendra Kaushik, MCh, MS, MBBS, SanjayParashar, MD and Muhammad Saleem, MD are some other doctors to consult.Patients and interested people can get fantastic insights from them about thesurgery, make informed choices and achieve faster recovery after a successfuloperation.

Since you are well-equipped with the right knowledge about robotic hair transplant in India now,make a smart choice now and say goodbye to hair loss related worries! 


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