Cause of Hair Loss?

Causes of Hair Loss

For decades men, women and even children have had to deal with the embarasment and shame caused by hair loss. Reasons causing this hair loss vary from person to person and can be the result of several factors. This article will take a closer look at what causes hair loss.

When you hear the term "hair loss" most people probably think about the usual types of hair loss, which include male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, and even alopecia areata - while those are typical, there are also many other types of hair loss, less and more severe - and that occur based on a number of varying factors.

First, its important to understand that hair shedding is a normal process - with about 10 percent of our hair is shedding daily at a given time. If you are having hair loss at this level - consider it a normal phenomenon. It isn't until the amount of hair falling our of your head exceeds ten percent, that an alarm should be raised regarding a possible hair loss problem.

For example, if you have undergone any surgeries recently of have had any sort of illness, it may caused hair loss - mainly due to the amount of stress acquired during the operation or even the side effect of a medication you may have taken.

Sometimes underlying diseases such as lupus or diabetes may also cause hair loss. Hence it is very important to detect the cause for hair loss as early as possible to stop the hair from falling. Once you have lost lots of hair - it may be very difficult to treat the condition.

Another factor that may cause hair loss is hormones. If someone is having an issues with their hormone balances in their body, a sign that it is occurring can be hair loss.

To correct hormonal imbalances most people are injected with the appropriate hormones and hair loss can cease.

One of the most common ways to shift your hormones is when a woman is pregnant. There have been cases where women have even noticed hair loss after delivery - as their hormones may take a few months to be back to normal.

Some medicines, which may cause hair loss irrespective of sex, are anticoagulants, wincrysticin or onchocryticin (Cancer medication), medicines used for gout, birth control pills, antidepressants and Vitamin A (if it is taken in excessive amount). Sulpha drugs may cause hair loss as well.

Finally, a factor causing hair loss that many of us may not ever consider is the way we wear and style our hair. If you have a tendency to use hot tools or lots of styling products or are constantly pulling your hair into a very tight fashion, you may notice eventual thinning and hair loss.

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