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Hair Weaving Not a Healthy Solution to Hair Loss

There are concerns over the growing number of baldness cases in younger men and women blame it on the stress and lifestyle imbalances. Stress and pollution act as triggers for premature hair loss in men and women. To cope with the hair loss is a difficult task for both young and adults. People are ready to do anything to get their hairy appearance back. In their quest for “instant” baldness solution, men and women often forget about the consequences some of the hair-fixing solutions bring to their hair and/or the overall health. One such solution is hair weaving

Hair weaving refers to the process of adding hair – human or synthetic – to the scalp of the individual. There are different types of hair weaving processes including netting, bonding, tracking, fusion, lace extensions, and more. Hair weaving is preferred by people suffering from common baldness, alopecia areata totalis or traction alopecia.

In hair weaving the hair is glued on to the scalp or hairs. As these hairs do not have follicles they do not grow. After some time, they also get damaged. Hair weaving is not a permanent solution to baldness. If you resort to this procedure, you will have to visit hair stylists at least once in six months as the woven hair falls out during this period.

Hair weaving is considered as an immediate solution to hair loss, so it has gained a huge popularity among people suffering from both temporary and permanent hair loss. This is mainly because the services are cheaper than hair transplants and are available from non-medical professionals. The quantity of hair woven is also much higher than that achieved in a normal hair transplant. Unlike the hair transplant surgeries, hair weaving gives an instant makeover, so you don’t have to wait for months to get your smart look back.

However, hair weaving also has a damaging effect on your scalp. The process uses certain synthetic substances to glue the hair on your scalp. These substances can damage the healthy hair follicles adjacent to the weave. The glue blocks the airways of the hair follicles and suppresses the growth of normal hair. In addition to these, hair weaving also gives rise to skin problems in some individuals. Prolonged use of hair weaving can result in permanent damage to the skin on the scalp and neck area.

Other popular solutions to baldness include hair transplants, medications and stem cell therapies. Hair transplants like FUE are widely accepted as the best available solution to treat permanent baldness in men (androgenic alopecia). It has no side effects; however, it is more expensive than most other procedures available today. Medications like Propecia are also used to treat hair loss in men; however, reports suggest the drug can cause serious side effects like sexual dysfunction and even prostate cancer in men.

Stem cell-based therapies are the latest advancement in hair loss treatments. The technique involves extraction of stem cells from other parts of the body of the individual and turning them into hair-producing progenitor cell. Several researches are underway to find the effectiveness of this therapy.


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