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ADHI India in Pact with Francorp India to Expand Hair Restoration Services in India

India is emerging as a prominent destination for hair transplant thanks to cheaper healthcare costs and the availability of a large pool of healthcare specialists including hair transplant surgeons. Compared to other regions, India is one of the cheapest hair transplant destinations in the world. The cost of hair transplant in India is estimated to be one fourth of that offered in western countries like the U.S and several European countries.

There are several hair restoration providers offering services in India. Recently Advanced Development in Hair implantation (ADHI), a leading hair transplant clinic in India, announced partnership with Francorp, a part of Franchise India Group, Asia's largest integrated Franchise and Retail Solutions Company, to develop an expansion path in India.

Under this partnership, Francorp will support ADHI to develop a strategic approach including framework development; economics and management of franchise network; guidelines for franchise operating systems and manuals; marketing guidelines and franchisee recruitment process; performance management and reporting system; franchisee revenue model and fees structuring and recommendation on partners, to maximize their reach in India.

"We provide a complete hair solution with Mesotherapy for hair re-growth and hair fall control, medical for prevention and recently launched follicular hair transplantation," said Dr. Santosh Katekari, founder and promoter of ADHI-India along with being the principal surgeon at the clinic. "We are geared up to announce our growth plans, through our franchise and retail model, across India and are optimistic to associate with Francorp to utilize their expertise in the expansion of our clinics."

The advantage of ADHI process is that it is painless. It does not use scalpels, so there is no blood or scars. There are specialized tools designed for the process. The state-of-the art technique is non-invasive and offers 100 percent guaranteed results. The company offers the service starting at Rs. 15,000 ($300 approximately).

ADHI team consists of some of the best hair transplant technologies and surgeons in the world. Hair transplant surgeons at ADHI work with a number of experts specialized in the field of research and development in trichology, hair restoration medicine, hair loss, and surgery.

"The market for health and beauty in India is currently estimated to be worth USD 2.5 billion and is expected to grow to USD 4.3 billion by 2013," said Mr. Gaurav Marya, president, Franchise India. "The organized sector of the beauty industry is growing at a rate 25-30 percent per annum. Organized retail chains constitute only 2-5 percent of this market currently; however this is expected to increase to 8-9 percent in the next 4 year which seems a huge opportunity for emerging Indian brands in beauty & healthcare."

In another related announcement, Advanced Hair Studio (AHS), another leading provider of hair loss solutions and hair transplant surgeries, said it has added three studios in India, in addition to the two studios in Mumbai and Delhi. The five studios have been added in the country within a period of 12 months.


Frequently asked questions about hair transplant procedures

How much does a hair transplant cost?

Hair transplants can vary in price based off of the area in the world that you are interested in getting a hair transplant as well as the size of the area where you may need a hair transplant. Experienced doctors in the United States will often charge some of the highest prices for a hair transplant worldwide and this is why so many travelers make the move to other parts the world like Turkey, India, Thailand, Mexico...etc for their hair transplants.

Will a hair transplant hurt?

Although hair transplants may look like a particularly unpleasant or painful experience is actually very little discomfort involved with the surgery itself. Hair transplants are always done under an anesthetic so there's absolutely zero pain during the treatment itself. Many people actually relate the process as being very similar to going to the dentist for filling or root canal. Mild pain can persist over the course of postop treatment but he generally just resumes for a few days.

Who can deliver the best surgery?

It's usually best to consider working with surgeons who have and IAHRS certification or international alliance of hair restoration surgeons recognition. IAHRS can often deliver recommendations for the best surgeons in each particular area.

Is this scarring noticeable?

Any type of hair transplant will require the use of incisions throughout the scalp. There can also sometimes be a small scar from the donor area towards the back of the scalp. Asking to look at photos of the surgeon's previous work will help you to see roughly how bad the scarring could be. In most cases an experienced professional can limit the look of scarring and noticeable marks from the surgery.

How long does it take for the hair to grow?

In most cases hair growth will start within eight months and you can start to see a full effect from the hair transplant after a full year. The initial signs of growth can usually start between 3 to 4 months after the surgery.

Are the results permanent?

The hair follicles that are transplanted are generally the ones which are genetically resistant against the symptoms of baldness. As long as you receive hair loss treatment later in your life after the symptoms of balding have started to subside, you can have a better chance at permanent results.

While everyone know you've had surgery?

If you want to limit the chance that people may find out about your surgery it's important to give at least three weeks of healing as the surgical area will be affected and red just after surgery. After around a month of healing it can look far less noticeable. You could consider wearing a hat while time passes or opting for some extra time off if possible.

How long should I rest after surgery?

It's recommended to rest for at least a few days after surgery so that your body can recover. Trenton to over exert yourself and limit sexual activity, running in the gym for around 10 days after surgery.

Is it possible to lose more hair as a result of surgery?

There is always a chance of shock loss which happens when the hair is weak and miniaturizing after the surgery. As long as the surgeon is choosing the correct hair follicles and performing the surgery well it's possible to minimize the chance of this happening however.

Will I need another hair transplant?

The need for another transplant really depends on the individual. With a solid foundation surgery and working to potentially bolster results with drug therapy, you can improve the stability of the hair that was transplanted as well as prevent further loss. Getting a hair transplant early on in your 20s or early on in life could lead to needing long-term transplants as hair loss can be progressive.

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