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5 Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is the procedure that is used to implant hair follicles from a donor area of a patient's scalp to an area that has experienced hair loss. The surgery involves extracting follicular units, or strips of hair follicles, and then transplanting them - sometimes one by one - into the affected area so that new hair will then grow from that location again.

Hair transplant surgery has continued to grow in popularity over the years due to success rates and improved technologies that make the surgery less invasive, the healing time quicker and more importantly - the outcome, a more natural one.

Like any surgery, there are pros and cons, and benefits and risks associated with having the procedure done. For many the desire to no longer have a bald scalp can far outweigh concerns over scaring or costs that may worry others.

Here are the top 5 benefits to keep in mind as you research for your hair transplant journey.

Better Looks

Most people who deal with hair loss issues, also have said they hate the person they see in the mirror. That feeling of being “ugly” or not normal because your hair is thin, or non existent - goes away with a hair transplant because you are now replacing that hairless area with locks that make you feel attractive and young all over again.

A Permanent Solution

Unlike topical treatments, or holistic remedies that say they might work to help grow back your hair, a hair transplant is permanent and the results will last. Once all surgeries are completed by the doctor, you can be done with the entire ordeal - forever.  

Improved Self-Esteem

Not only are those who suffer from hair loss upset about their appearance in the mirror, but this often time has also lead to lowered self esteem because the person is feeling as if they are not living up to a societal norm, and there is nothing they can do to make themselves look more acceptable. With a hair transplant surgery, patients have hair growing again in the problem areas and not only do they like what they see again in the mirror, but that leads to improved self-esteem, higher levels of self confidence and much better outlook on life in general.

Cost Savings

While hair transplants are more costly than going out and buying a gimmick remedy from a drugstore or infomercial, the truth is those remedies must be bought multiple times - and that is if they are even producing results in the first place. One way to think about it is that over time, the actual surgical procedure is saving more money overall than what you are paying out of pocket for treatments time and time again, that actually might not even be having a permanent effect.

A Natural Appearance

For years, people shied away from hair transplants and things like hair pieces to help mask their hair loss issues because they were seen as comical or very obvious when they had been done. Thanks to improvements in technology and techniques, surgeons have been able to perfect their craft and are now producing hair transplant results that are so natural, many people cannot even tell it was done.

Hairfear - 6-22-2014

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Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu - Diamond Hair Clinic
Dr Mehmet Demircioglu was one of the first doctors from Turkey and Europe who used the FUE technique.
Dr. Mbaraka Ahmed Ljohiy - Sanantur Clinic
The Medical Director is the prestigious Turkish surgeon Dr. Mbaraka AHMED LJOHIY,
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