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Dr. Gaurav Garg / Dermalife

Dr. Gaurav Garg, an Internationally trained & certified hair surgeon who’s travelled worldwide to gain experience with the latest in trend technologies. His artistic work in hair transplantation cases is matchless to any other hair doctor in Delhi. He examines each patient thoroughly by giving personalised attention for better diagnosis and treatment plan. A complete natural hairline can be produced with the treatment by Dr. Garg, an expert in female hair transplant, body hair transplant, moustache and beard transplant and eyelash transplant in Delhi.

At Dermalife, the procedure is performed using Boosted FUE technique followed up with Bio-Gen Therapy for uncompromised results. You can expect quicker recovery, scarless results in shorter treatment time. The other techniques carried out at the clinic include Direct Method of Implantation using no root touch technique for better growth of transplanted hair. Our patients acknowledge the treatment productivity given at Dermalife by our extensively experienced hair doctor in Delhi, Dr. Gaurav Garg.

Dermalife is a centre of excellence for treatment of all your Hair, Skin and Nail problems. A leading clinic for hair transplant in Delhi, We now offers advanced skin and laser treatments at affordable prices at our speciality clinic in Green Park, Delhi.

A team of highly skilled dermatologists and hair transplant surgeon in Delhi is what makes Dermalife a speciality centre in Delhi. We, at our clinic, perform only the latest techniques with sophisticated instruments. Our Clinic provides hair loss and baldness treatment in Delhi by “Boosted-FUE Method” with revolutionizing Bio-Gen Therapy. The main advantage of this technique is that it can be done to any person without visible scars and that person can return to work the day after the surgery. Hair transplantation is done by Delhi’s finest hair doctor, Dr Gaurav Garg, an Internationally Certified Surgeon. Our imported instruments from US, UK and Germany and sophisticated clinic environment guarantee you comfortable and successful hair surgery all the time. Feel free to visit our clinic for laser treatment and other skin treatment from our best dermatologist in Delhi.

Dermalife is a centre of excellence for treatment of all your hair, skin and nail problems.

It has an ambient atmosphere suitable for all ages and provides friendly assistance to all the patients.

Hair Transplant in Delhi

People suffer from various hair problems. From hair fall to low hair growth, from dry and thinning hair to baldness, many cosmetic products which claim to provide a difference in the condition do not produce much significant improvement.

Different treatments are available for different type of Hair Problems.

At Dermalife, we offer a variety of medical, laser, surgical treatments to help your fight baldness and other hair conditions.

  • Bio-Gen Therapy
  • PRP Therapy
  • Meso Therapy
  • HRST (Hair Root Stimulation Treatment)

Dr. Gaurav Garg is one of the best skin specialist in Delhi who can provide quality and assured Hair Treatments, claiming your hair problems won’t recur. Contact best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi at Dermalife to experience complete & affirmative treatment for hair problems.


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