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Dr. Ashutosh Misra

Enhance Clinics

Multiple Locations


Dr. Kavish Chouhan, Dr. Amrendra Kumar

Delhi, India

Dr. Suneet Soni


Multiple Locations,

Dr. Gaurav Garg

Dr. Gaurav Garg



Dr Anuj Saigal

Dr Anuj Saigal



Dr. Satya Saraswat

Saraswat Hospital

Dr. Satya Saraswat

Multiple Locations


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Benefits Hair Transplant Surgery

Here are few 5 benefits to keep in mind as you research for your hair transplant journey.

  • Better Looks

    Replacing that hairless area with looks that make you feel attractive and young all over again.

  • A Permanent Solution

    Hair transplant is permanent and the results will last

  • Improved Self-Esteem

    Hair transplant Leads to improved self-esteem, higher levels of self confidence and much better outlook on life in general.

  • Cost Savings

    Saving more money overall than what you are paying out of pocket for treatments time and time again

  • A Natural Appearance

    Improvements in technology and techniques, Hair transplant results that are natural

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