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Civas Clinic - Dr. Ekrem Civas
Dr. Ekrem Civas a dermatologist and FUE hair transplantation specialist, is the founder of Civas Clinic in Ankara, Turkey. Since 1999 through his dedication and commitment in this field, Dr Civas has accomplished over 3500 successful FUE and FUT hair transplant surgeries, written 3 books, 24 articles and 21 scientific posters. Dr. Ekrem Civas is the First and Only ISHRS Fellow (FISHRS) Doctor in Turkey. A world class surgeon... without the premium price.

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Hair Transplant in USA

Find the most cost effective places to get hair transplant in USA
If you’re looking for services related to: Hair Follicular Unit Transplant Surgery, Scalp Flap Surgery, Scalp Expansion Surgery, Scalp Reduction Surgery, Hairline Advancement Procedure, is your one-stop spot for all the information you need to pick the right Surgeon....Read More >>>

Hair Transplant in India

Find the most cost effective places to get hair transplant in India
Hair Transplants in India are quickly becoming an important procedure according to the latest research from Frost & Sullivan. The market is expected to grow a CAGR of more than 25 percent in select metros like Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore...Learn More >>>

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Hair Transplant in Turkey


Hair loss doesn't have to be something embarrassing. There are hair loss solutions out there you can turn to when you have an issue with your hair. There are a growing number of advanced procedures available to assist with hair loss include treatments like follicle cloning and gene therapy that are being used and developed as a more permanent hair loss solution. Hair loss solutions help answer to the need for those suffering from genetics, to those who may lose their hair due to medical conditions and treatments. Find out about all the best hair loss products, including all the information you need about getting a hair transplant.


Transmed Clinic
Since its establishment, Transmed Clinic has treated over 10,000 international patients from 47 countries. The clinic offers hair transplant package deals which include a consultation, hair transplant surgery, post-surgery medications, interpreter services, accommodation, and transfer to the clinic. HAIR TRANSPLANT FROM $4,242

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Vanity Aesthetics Clinic was established in 2016 and offers plastic and cosmetic surgery and hair restoration. It is led by the experienced Dr. Guray Yesiladali and treated over 600 inpatients in 2016, around 100 of whom were international patients. All procedures are carried out using the modern facilities at the Academic Hospital, which has 63 beds, is ISO 9001-accredited, and is affiliated with the Marmara University Medical School Foundation. HAIR TRANSPLANT FROM $1,671

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The hair transplant at Clinicana Hair Transplant and Esthetic Center is offered as an all-inclusive package. It includes airport transfers, a two night hotel stay at the Ramada Hotel near to the hospital, as well as additional supplies relating to the procedure such as a protective hat and any medicines. HAIR TRANSPLANT FROM $2,243

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Estetistanbul is a premier health facility founded in 1994. It provides treatment in areas such as cosmetic surgery and dermatology, with a specialized interest in hair transplants. Over 1,500 international patients are treated annually at the clinic, with 80 hair transplant procedures taking place each month. Medical record translations, interpreter services, and visa assistance are included in the final quoted price. HAIR TRANSPLANT FROM $2,243

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