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Hair Transplant in India

You may be one among the millions in the world suffering from alopecia or hair loss due to different reasons. While hair loss is inevitable for many of you, staying bald forever is foolishness because several treatments and surgical procedures are now available to treat all types of hair loss and get permanent solution for the haunting problems of even the most severe cases of alopecia. The huge cost of hair loss treatments and hair transplant procedures, however, prevent many of these patients from opting for such treatments.  Hair transplant in India is gaining popularity as an alternative to expensive hair transplant procedure in developed countries.

FUT and FUE in India

The most popular hair transplant treatments available in India are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Until a few years ago, these expensive hair transplant surgeries were affordable to only the elite class of the society. Now the scenario is completely changed. With more and more people opting for these procedures - thanks to the popularity created by the media and celebrities - the procedure is gaining acceptance worldwide, and India is no different. In India you can locate several leading specialty hospitals or hair transplant centers that offer hair restoration procedures at affordable costs.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) in India

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) involves the removal of a strip of hair from the donor area, usually the back and sides of the area. The hair strip with follicles is cut into fine linear follicular unites with the help of stereo microscopes and then transplanted in to the donor area. FUT is considered cheaper than the more advanced methods like Follicular Unit Extraction. This method is especially beneficial to patients suffering from higher grade baldness who require large amount of hair to be transplanted to the recipient area. According to leading hair transplant centers in India, the process can be used to transplant up to 5000 follicular units (>8000 follicles) in a single session.

The only drawback of FUT is that it leaves a long scar on the back of your head, so it extends the post-op care to one or two weeks. The scar could be visible if you are wearing a short hair, so this procedure is not ideal for those who love to cut their hair short. However, new techniques are available to reduce the scar mark. Some of the well-known hair transplant centers offer advanced treatments like tricophytic closure designed to minimize the scars and make them invisible or small. The average cost of FUT in India is Rs.50 ($1 approximately) per root. 

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in India

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), on the other hand, involves extracting single follicular units from the donor area and transplanting them on to bald area. This is an expensive procedure since it consumes lot of time and effort and involves higher rate of disposables. Most of the well-known hair restoration centers in India have adopted advanced technologies like power assisted FUT to make the procedure more efficient and less time consuming. You can locate some of these hair transplant centers in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Punjab or Hyderabad in India.

Some of the hair transplant centers in India offer a combination of FUT and FUE on the same patient on the same day if the donor parameters permit. Here, the patient benefits from both methods that result in denser grafts, which will give a more natural appearance for the hair. Typically by FUT one can extract up-to 4000 follicular units (FUs), equivalent to 6000-7000 individual hair follicles. In a FUE, approximately 1000 follicular units amounting to 2000-2500 individual hair follicles can be transplanted on a single day. The total comes around 5000 FUs resulting in 8000-9000 individual hair follicles. This yields the best result as the person gets maximum grafts implanted in a single sitting. However, the procedure may be costlier as it demands greater skill and precision from the surgeon.

Getting a hair transplant in India means a lot more for you because you can spend the money that you saved on your hair transplant to explore this magical land of natural and archeological wonders. Have a wonderful hair transplant holidays!


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Hair Transplant Results - Before & After

Hair Transplant results in India Hair Transplant results in India Hair Transplant results in India
Hair Transplant results in India Hair Transplant results in India Hair Transplant results in India
Hair Transplant results in India Hair Transplant results in India Hair Transplant results in India

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