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Is a Hair Transplant Painful?

If you are one of many people who suffer from the affects of baldness or hair loss and have come to the conclusion that hair transplant surgery is your best option, there may be some worries around whether or not a hair transplant is painful. After all, the scalp is a pretty sensitive area on the head and the thought of making cuts or having a procedure done to that area can be scary. But there is less to fear than you may think.

Most people have compared a hair transplant surgery to a visit to the dentist. While not totally a pain-free and relaxing event, many have said the degree of pain is comparable.

One of the more painful aspects are the injections done by a local anesthetic into the scalp before a hair transplant procedure is done. To compare the pain of this, think back to what it feels like to have a tooth pulled and the pain of the needle into your gums to numb the area.

In addition, just as with this dental analogy, after the numbing wears off, there is plenty of pain where the tooth was before. Swelling is normal after hair transplant surgery and your skull may feel very unusual for weeks.

There have been reports though by some who say the pain of a hair transplant cannot actually be compared to a tooth extraction as the hair transplant pain is less sharp and some have even claimed to not feel any pain at all.

With the advancements of technology, skills and medicine today, hair transplant surgery is surely less painful than it was in earlier times when larger sections of scalp were excised. This involved much more cutting to take out the donor hair and even more cutting to insert the donor hair into the recipient site.

What's more painful is that not all doctors today have given up on older methods. This is one reason you should ask many questions when you look for a hair transplant surgeon and do your homework well in advance.

The latest hair transplant techniques use only the follicular unit as opposoed to a large amount of surrounding tissue for the donor grafts. This cuts down considerably on the amount of pain experienced.

If you have come to the conclusion that a hair transplant is the right solution for you, don't make the fear of whether or not a hair transplant is painful stop you. Do your research, use a surgeon you trust and one who is experienced and skilled in the hair transplant procedure - this is the key less painful hair transplant.

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