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Raspberry Ketone Tested Proven as Hair Loss Remedy

Baldness will soon lose its label as a "non-curable" health condition. Several innovations are leading to the discovery of effective cure for baldness. Most recently scientists found that raspberry ketone can be an effective treatment for baldness.

Raspberry ketone is already known for its several health benefits. It is a well-known belly fat busting supplement. Raspberry ketones resemble capsaicin in chili pepper plants. Capsaicin is believed to have fat burning properties. Studies are in progress to further evaluate the efficacy of raspberry ketones as a supplement for weight loss.

The recent discovery which says raspberry ketones are effective in treating baldness is good news. The study by a Japanese research group finds that raspberry ketones induce hair growth in people with alopecia. In this study as well, the similarity between raspberry ketones and capsaicins is taken into consideration. Previous research has shown that capsaicins increase the expression of a dermal (skin) insulin-like growth factor that increases skin elasticity and promotes hair growth.

To substantiate this finding, researchers conducted clinical study on randomly selected test subjects. The researchers applied a topical cream containing a raspberry ketone extract as the active ingredient on the skin of mice and on the facial skin and scalp of humans with alopecia.

The researched proved that in mice the raspberry ketone cream increased the expression of an insulin growth factor called "IGF-1" in the hair follicles and promoted hair re-growth in mice 4 weeks after application. In the human test subjects, the ketone extract resulted in hair growth in 50 percent of the test subjects with alopecia after 5 months; and, it also increased their cheek skin elasticity.

Following these findings, the researchers concluded that raspberry ketone might be exerting its observed effect on hair and skin by increasing insulin growth factor-1 production via sensory nerve action. It contains more medicinal value than just a belly fat busting supplement and has the potential for use in treating aging skin and in preventing or curing baldness in some people.

Meanwhile another study that could pave way to baldness cure hit headlines recently. Scientists have identified a protein which probably is the root cause for baldness in men. This discovery could lead to the development of a drug that may offer an effective remedy for hair loss in men.

Researchers at Science Translational Medicine have identified an abnormal level of a protein called prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) on the bald spots of men. The study looked at the genes in scalp samples from five men and compared them to the haired parts from same individuals. It revealed higher expressions of the gene that produces PGD2 in the bald samples, compared to the spots with hair. The research led to the conclusion that PGD2 was three times higher in the bald spots than where hair was growing. The scientists then validated the results through tests on mice and concluded that excessive PGD2 decreased follicle density.


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