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Top 10 Destinations for Hair Transplant in India (2021)

India is becoming a hot destination for hair transplant. The country, which is widely known for cost-effective medical procedures, offers affordable hair transplant surgeries and treatment options. The rising healthcare costs in western countries contribute for the growth of hair transplants in countries like India. Several hair transplant clinics in India now offer the service as ‘medical tourism package’ which covers other facilities like travel, accommodation and sight seeing, in addition to post-op care.

Estimates say that the cost of
hair transplant in India is about 20-25 percent of the cost of hair transplant in western countries like the Europe or America. For example, on an average, hair transplant surgeries in the U.S or Europe cost $4 to $9 per graft, but if the same procedure is done in foreign countries like India, it may cost between $1 and $1.5 per graft.

Top 10 destinations for hair transplant in India are listed below:

While the above list is not conclusive in terms of the services offered or the cost of the procedure, you can still shop any one of these for your hair restoration needs while in India. In addition to the specialized hair transplant clinics in India, you will get hair transplant service from reputed hospitals as well. Many of these hospitals here have well-qualified surgeons who have got international exposure.

Hair transplant in India uses advanced procedures like FUT (strip method) and FUE (follicular method). The surgeons are qualified to serve different types of clients. Hair transplant centers in India, especially those located in crowded cities like Mumbai, Delhi and NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Pune and Hyderabad are equipped with the most advanced hair transplant equipments in the industry.

As a top destination for hair transplant, India is attracting several tourists. This helps improve the economy of the country. Eyeing this opportunity, hospitals and hair transplant clinics in India are setting up advanced facilities to meet the requirements of foreign customers.

Dr. Manoj Khanna - Enhance Clinics

Dr. Manoj Khanna is one of the best Hair Transplant and cosmetic surgeons in the country. Specializing in Hair Transplant, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, he is a veteran in these fields with an expansive experience of 20 years. Due to his phenomenal achievements in his professional journey, he is considered as one of India's most successful Hair Transplant and Restoration specialists. Having dexterously implanted 2 crore hair follicles till date, his clientele includes well-known names from the realms of cricket, entertainment and media in the country and beyond. Enquire Now!

Dr. Kavish Chouhan - Dermaclinix

DermaClinix, one of the top-ranked hair transplant and skin clinics in Delhi/NCR, is run by renowned dermatologists of Delhi - Dr. Kavish Chouhan (MD-AIIMS, MISHRS-USA) and Dr. Amrendra Kumar (MD-AIIMS, MISHRS-USA).

DermaClinix is the ultimate choice for you to get a safe and cost-effective Hair transplant in Delhi. It is amongst the best hair transplantation center in Delhi, They have the best surgeons in Delhi, who deal with all the skin and hair types, and give their best each time. They believe that everyone is unique and so his body; and thus, they strive to put all their efforts in giving the best possible treatment. DermaClinix is known for its outstanding skin & hair transplant clinic in Delhi and care procedures, advanced transplantation techniques, heart-touching services and assuring guidance as well. DermaClinix is a popular clinic of Hair Transplant in India treating the people all over the globe. Enquire Now!

Dr. Suneet Soni - Medispa

Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Center, Jaipur & Delhi, India is a pioneer organization in the field of Hair Transplantation. It was established by internationally renowned Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Suneet Soni in 2005.

Medispa Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplantation Centre is internationally recognized for providing world’s best aesthetic Hair Transplantation and other Cosmetic Surgery Services under one single roof globally. Our clinics are equipped with state of the art infrastructure with the world’s best technologies. At Medispa, UK standard hygiene is maintained to provide a most hygienic environment to our esteemed clients. For Hair Transplant Surgery, there are separately dedicated operation theatres to minimize the risk of infection. Enquire Now!

Dr. Gaurav Garg - Dermalife

Dr. Gaurav Garg, Director of Dermalife, is one of the few certified dermatologist in Delhi who is internationally recognised. An MD in Dermatology from prestigious Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai, Dr Gaurav Garg is among the leading skin specialist in Delhi. He is a Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi (by Dr Alex Ginzburg, Israel, former President and Member of International society of Hair Restoration surgeons).

Dermalife is a centre of excellence for treatment of all your hair, skin and nail problems. Our best dermatologist in Delhi, Dr Gaurav Garg leads the team of specialists, technicians and support team who work continuously to make your experience truly remarkable. The clinic with its team of best skin specialist in Delhi is housed with imported equipment and instruments from US, UK and Germany. You can know more about our dermatologist and hair specialist for baldness treatment by contacting our clinic in Green Park, New Delhi Enquire Now!

Dr. Satya Saraswat - Saraswat Hospital

Dr. Satya K. Saraswat is a Gold Medalist Plastic Surgeon, honoured by The Health Minister of India. He holds active membership in the following professional organizations: Association of Surgeons of India, Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, Indian Medical Association, Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Member- International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS), IFATS (International Federation of Adipose Therapeutics & Science).His areas of specialization and surgical expertise include a full range of procedures for the aging face, complex cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast, body contouring, rhinoplasty. He holds the license of Dubai Health Authority as plastic and cosmetic surgeon and thus works in the same capacity in Dubai too.

Working in the office and the operating room he ensures our patients receive the best care before, during, and after their surgery. The experience of caring for trauma patients and working to correct severe traumatic facial injuries sparked his initial interest in plastic surgery. His creativity, entrepreneurial and leadership skills have greatly contributed to the expansion and success of Plastic Surgery. Enquire Now!

DHI - Direct Hair Implantation

DHI Medical Group is the world’s largest chain of hair restoration clinics with 60 clinics in 36 countries. After having pioneered FUE in 2003 DHI innovated and launched the Direct Hair Implantation procedure in 2005. DHI is now considered the gold standard in hair restoration with the strongest research advisory board and world class facilities and US and EU patents. DHI continues to launch new treatments for various stages of hair loss.

Since its launch in India in 2008, DHI performed more than 6000 procedures including those of celebrities like Bollywood actors, Sportsmen, Politicians and Business Tycoons. Enquire Now!

Dr. Kapil Dua's AK Clinics

AK CLINICS has a team of highly trained doctors & who are dedicated to field of hair restoration. The team is ably led by Dr. Kapil Dua MBBS, MS., along with Dr. Aman Dua, MBBS, MD and Dr. Nirav Desai, MBBS, DNB(Skin & VD) The team has permanent inhouse technicians who are well experienced. The aesthetic plastic surgery is support by Dr Lokesh Kumar, MBBS, MS, MCh.

The clinic has its own training program for new team members where they are trained over models for a minimum of 6 months before being allowed to work on patients. We have a seasoned team of hair transplant counselors and relationship managers ably led by our CEO Mr. Aman Bansal. Enquire Now!

Clinic Dermatech - Awarded Best Clinic For Quality And Excellence In Hair Transplant

Clinic Dermatech was conceptualized in 2006, to create India's first state-of-the-art skin and hair clinics by introducing the world’s best aesthetic technology. The brand has managed to stay true to this mission by innovating as well as transforming its processes, refining services and utilizing the most advanced technology to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Enquire Now!

Dr. A's Clinic - Dr. Arvind Poswal

Dr. Arvind Poswal,an inventor, an artist, a perfectionist and a teacher is popular among his patients and peers alike. He completed his medical studies from the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (India). He is from an army background. His grandfather and father both were in the army and received several decorations and awards while taking part in many wars ranging from the World War 1, World War-II and 1971 war.

Over the past almost 20 years (since 1997), he has contributed immensely in the field of hair transplant, whether it is technique, instrumentation or training. Enquire Now!

Dr. Sunil Arora - ALCS

Dr. Sunil Arora has over 15 years experience in cosmetic treatments and has been serving in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery since 2001. He has won numerous awards during his career, most notable being the Best Plastic Surgeon of Rajasthan award in 2014.

At present, Dr. Sunil Arora is working as Sr. Consultant Plastic Surgery at CK Birla Hospital, Jaipur. Previously, he worked as an accomplished Consultant with Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital, a well renowned Hospital & Charitable Trust at Jaipur. He is committed to attaining finest results for his patients by providing the best treatment and adequate care to them in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His dedication and commitment makes him one of the best plastic surgeons in India. Enquire Now!

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