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Top 10 Destinations for Hair Transplants in Bangalore

Bangalore India is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for hairtransplants. Part of the reason why this is the best new location is because ofthe low cost as well as the high success of hair transplants from local clinics.

Here is a list to get you started on your Journey. Whilethere are so many other doctors in the region, here are some to contact ifyou’re just starting out and have questions, or you’re ready for a hairtransplant, now!

Top 10 destinations for hair transplant in Bangalore arelisted below:

FUE is the most common type of hair transplant available in Bangalore. Thismethod involves harvesting or extracting donor hair which is often taken fromthe back and sides of the scalp and then transplanting it in areas where hairis thinning. The nice part about this type of hair transplant is that it takesaround 7 to 10 days to heal over and the marks that are left are generallyburied under hair making them barely noticeable.

The average hair transplants in Bangalore India of around 1000 hair grafts might range from RS 30,000 to RS. 45,000. This priceis just under US $700 on the high-end. More extensive FUE treatments including3000 hair grafts might total closer to RS. 130000 ($2000 USD) in this area butthis is still substantially lower than what you might pay in the UnitedStates or Europe. In the United States most doctors charge per graft andmay also have an extensive consultation fee. This could put an FUE treatment of3000 grafts at a price of around $15,000 (RS 985000).

The quality of care in Bangalore is excellent with a numberof leading medical facilities. As Bangalore is a highly populated city thereare a number of wonderful accommodations and it has facilities that carry thesame level of technology/ medical expertise that you would find at leading hairtransplant centers around the world. More and more people are beginning torealize that Bangalore is one of the finest locations in the world foraffordable and successful hair transplant surgeries.

While the above list is not conclusive in terms of theservices offered or the cost of the procedure, you can still shop any one ofthese for your hair restoration needs while in Bangalore. In addition to thespecialized hair transplant clinics in Bangalore, you will get hair transplantservice from reputed hospitals as well. Many of these hospitals here havewell-qualified surgeons who have got international exposure. 

If you have experiences with any of these clinics or wouldlike to suggest other clinics in Bangalore, please add a comment below.

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