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Hair defines our appearance with society giving greater cultural importance to hair and hairstyles. However aging, hormone changes, genetics, toxins, diseases, and improper hair care lead to hair loss.

Although there are remedies galore sometimes there is no escaping the balding truth. We belong to the lucky hi-tech age. What was impossible some years back are realities now. Advancements in science and technology have been instrumental in launching rockets to the moon and also to plant hair on our scalp. Welcome to the Beauty First age.

If you live in
Oklahoma consider these clinics which promise to bring a smile to your lips. Say bye to wigs, hair weaves, topical solutions, hair loss pills and not so promising hair loss rectifier shampoos.

Advanced Hair Restoration of Oklahoma

Advanced Hair Restoration offers advanced surgical techniques such as combination grafting using single follicular unit, di-follicular unit and multiple follicular unit grafts. This technique results in natural appearing hairline and more central density of hair growth.

Also oral sedation and local anesthesia are administered to reduce post-operative side effects common with IV sedation. Dr. Kent Webb and Betty Studier, RN deliver optimized results in hair restoration and hair transplant surgery.

Great Hair Restoration of Oklahoma

Great Hair Restoration of Oklahoma is a minimal invasive hair restoration clinic which delivers customized hair restoration and personalized hair loss treatments. The NeoGraft technology used here synergized with artistic skills brings back the youthful countenance people long for. NeoGraft technology simplifies the hair restoration procedure eliminating need for scalpel incisions or sutures, discomfort and linear scars producing undetectable, natural looks.

Individual care is given to patients by experienced board certified surgeons using the revolutionary NeoGraft Automated “Minimally Invasive” Hair Restoration procedure. It enables restoration in more area in one session with no need for additional procedures. Affordable compared to manual FUE procedures.

Dr. Tim Love’s Plastic Surgery Clinic

Hair transplant surgery is at its best in Dr. Tim Love’s clinic. Besides many other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures hair restoration is also done here. Winning the hearts of many customers the clinic has also won many awards from Oklahoma Magazine and others. The clinic treats baldness in men, thinning hair problems in women besides receding hairline woes.

Hair transplants for alopecia aerata, a kind of autoimmune baldness is done here in case hair does not re-grow in the bald spots naturally. An answer in the form of a permanent solution at affordable prices is available in the clinic. Out-of-town patients can take pre-operative consultations via phone, Skype etc. before undergoing the hair restoration procedure.

The Hair Restoration Center of Tulsa

Patients make a beeline to Hair Restoration Centers of Tulsa to get a natural, permanent, undetectable and affordable solution to correct their malady. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hair Restoration Centers of Tulsa are just a 2-3 hour flight from most places in the United States. What more, the clinic offers travel assistance and allowance also. The center promises highly experienced staff present in a single location which may not be possible when a clinic operates multiple branches.

Oklahoma Hair Restoration

A simple painless solution to reverse hair loss or thinning hair in both men and women is promised by Oklahoma Hair Restoration. Its scientifically proven program leverages the Patented Revage670TM Laser to stimulate the oxygenation of the scalp. The induced blood flow allows the hair follicles to proliferate. This Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or “cold” laser does not involve thermal components to cut, burn or vaporize tissue. The rotating inner hood of the laser has 30 individual lasers so that the full scalp area is exposed to waves of light. Also the patented Revage670TM Laser is approved and classified by the FDA as a Class 3A Cosmetic Laser.

Cirrus Hair in Oklahoma

A solution awaits male or female pattern vascular baldness, or other types of hair loss problems at Cirrus Hair. The hair loss solutions include LLLT Hair and Scalp Therapy, at-home simplified routines with American-made CiraDerm products designed for hair loss, immediate Non-Surgical CRT Cira-Matrix Graphs and Surgical Transplants.

Choose the technique that best suits you. Prospective customers can take advantage of a free Hair-and-Scalp Analysis. The information derived will aid Cirrus Hair professionals in determining the best treatment method.

After recovering from the hair transplant surgery your mirror will reveal a younger-looking, revitalized version of yourself with greater confidence.


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