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HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic

HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic is surely included at the top of the best hair transplant clinic lists. HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic that has gathered almost all international awards since 2002 continues its innovation work without giving a break. This clinic which is at the same time a German-based firm and uses the advantages of the technology guarantees the best service quality by creating dense and permanent hair transplant results for patients. The research shows that none of the patients of this clinic is dissatisfied with their process.

With the Unique Slit technique that they have developed, they achieve an unprecedented 99% permanence ratio for hair transplant operations. Naturally, this increases 80-90% permanence ratio for normal hair transplant methods. The clinic still has 100% patient satisfaction success.

Hermest clinic has dermatologist, plastic surgeons and medical doctors. You will be able to get 100% support from doctors before and after hair transplantation. You can feel completely safe in this clinic.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey Istanbul FUE and DHI

Turkey which has the best hair transplant clinics around the world is accepted as the capital for hair transplant and 2,000 tourists per day visit Turkey only for hair transplant. Doubtlessly, the reason for such high demand is the hair transplant clinics that achieve successful results. One of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey is of course HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic. The clinic operates hair transplant for thousands of patients and offers a satisfaction guarantee to those who plan to have a hair transplant in a hair transplant clinic with 100% satisfaction vision.

Why Should You Choose HERMEST?

For almost 20 years, HERMEST Hair Transplant Clinic continues its activities in this field without slowing down. With the Unique Slit technique that they have developed, they achieve an unprecedented 99% success rate for hair transplant operations. The clinic still has 100% patient satisfaction success.

The advancements in technology and increased investments in innovation greatly contributed to the development of the most suitable medical devices for patients. The newest and best of these innovations efforts are uniquely designed “slits”. With these special slits that are developed with the joint efforts of a German engineering firm, the hair root can be transplanted to the scalp more efficiently. Naturally, this increases 80-90% permanence ratio for normal hair transplant operations to 99% with these slits.


Packages cost between

1400€ - 2500€

  • VIP Transport by private driver: Airport - Hotel – Hospital
  • Accommodation 4 days / 3 nights
  • JCI and ISO 9001 Global Accreditation Hospital
  • Consultations and analyzes pre and post procedure
  • Private room at the hospital (3-4h)
  • Painless Capillary Local Anesthesia
  • Hair transplantation (rate studied up to 6000 follicles)
  • Stem Cell PRP
  • Shampoos and foam needed for implanted hair.
  • 12 months follow up
  • Lifetime Warrantly



FUE Hair Transplant

This is the most common microsurgical hair transplant method today. After the local anaesthesia, the hair roots are individually collected from the donor region determined for the hair transplant with special tipped micro motors or manual punch. Then, channels are created in the hairless region by considering the hair growth angle and direction and the collected hair roots are placed inside these channels. The hair roots are collected faster with these micromotors and the hair transplant is completed in a short time. FUE method is preferred more for individuals with a larger hairless area.

DHI Transplant

DHI (Direct Hair Transplant) hair transplant method is a hair transplant technique also known as “direct hair transplant” or “pen technique”. This method involves collecting hair roots and placing them with a specially developed pen (Choi pen). This technique takes longer than the FUE method and it became popular in recent years. However, DHI Hair Transplant Method is not a new hair transplant method; it is a different application of hair transplant from the FUE method.

DHI method is often preferred by individuals without significant hair loss or who want to have a denser hair look.

Unshaven Hair Transplant

In the unshaven hair transplant method, the hair transplant is operated by preserving the current hair length and style and without shaving the front, side and top of the head. In this hair transplant method, only the donor area at the back of the head is shaved. This is generally preferred by individuals with long hair. The shaved part at the back is covered and camouflaged by the long hair. In this method, the marking and planning are left to the expertise of the surgeon who will do the hair transplant. In this method, the DHI method is mostly preferred.





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