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Top Quality FUE Hair Transplant and Beard Transplants in Turkey

Dealing with hair loss is an issue that can affect anyone at any time in their life. Whether it’s hereditary, illness, or unexplained, you may be dealing with the embarrassing effects of thinning hair and bald spots. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Thanks to modern technologies and treatments, it’s now possible to have a full head of lush hair again with a hair transplant. 

Hair Transplant Advantages

Hair transplants have become to go-to solution for hair loss issues. While there are varying types of procedures, working with a professional clinic means you’ll get the treat options best for your situation.

For hair transplants in Turkey, Hairline Clinic (HLC) is the top location for hair restoration and transplant procedures.  Located in Ankara, and recognized for their many years of experience using the latest state-of-the-art methods, the team at HLC has a simple mission: “Only the best is good enough!” and is known all over the world for their professionalism and successful results.

The Hairline Clinic is also a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, ISHRS and the FUE-Europe organization,fue-europe. These leading authorities for hair loss doctors have more than 1000 members worldwide and who work to guarantee the highest quality in the hair restoration business.

About FUE Hair Transplant & Hair Restoration 

HLC is so dedicated to providing simply the best for their customers that we’ve also dedicated our practice solely to the hair transplant technique known as “FUE” or  Follicular Unit Extraction.

This modern, state-of-the-art method for hair restoration is the most favored because it is minimally invasive and has a short recovery time and fast healing. It is also a great options for hair transplants because it is much less painful and the results offer the most natural hair possible since it recreates the former growth pattern of someone’s hair. This is achieved by individually placing the grafts into the scalp.

For the donor hair, a surgeon will use both scalp hair as well as body hair being from areas such as the beard, chest or other parts of the human body.  Each follicles is carefully removed  individually using a FUE-punch tool to grab the unit of hair follicles an is the least invasive method for harvesting.

Hair Transplants with Manual Extractions by Surgeons

At HLC, our surgeons use a manual extraction method that takes the Grafts and implants them manually one by one with what is known as the, “ stick and place” technique.

With this method, each follicle is extracted from the donor area and then prepared for transit and transplanted into the recipient site. This occurs after the surgeon has had the opportunity to create careful and artfully placed incisions around the balding zone. The placement of the grafts is key to ensuring there won’t be any scars after the whole process is done.

Not only will the incisions made during the restoration process heal within 24 hours but they offer firm hold and let patients get back on with their lives no longer worrying about who might be looking at their bald spots or unimpressed by their hair loss issues.

Everything You Need to Know About Beard Transplants

The great thing about this technique too is that it isn’t only for hair loss on the patient’s head. But a now very common request is for a bread transplant to help grow a masculine, full beard when the patient is unable to on their own.

This new solution is making it possible for men across the globe to sport a trendy, full beard even if they have hereditary, hormonal or other issues that have never allowed them to grow a full beard before. This can be used for beards, sideburns, goatees and even mustaches.

During a beard transplant hair taken from another part of the body and is implanted into the face to create a beard style chosen by the patient. Donor hair is usually taken from  under the chin or back of the head and transplanted to fill the bald patches in the beard area.

Methods for beard transplants include FUE where grafts are removed one by one and transplanted, or FUT where a strip of tissue is removed in a dissection process and a surgeon closes the wound when completed.

Once the procedure is successfully completed the patient will have new facial hair growth that happen just like the rest of their facial hair - similar texture and characteristics. They will be able to shave as usual too. 

The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

If you’re looking to gain back confidence and feel great about your appearance again, then HLC in Ankara is the best beard transplant clinic to achieve those results. They perform beard transplants as well as hair restoration surgeries that exceed client desires. Their manual process and dedication between surgeon and patient for each procedure yields the best results and removes the issues with manual machine processes or the possibility of an unskilled trainee stepping in when your hair is being transplanted. They take every detail seriously and you can see the proof in the very natural results our patients achieve.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your hair loss journey and once and for all resolve the issues that have made you self conscious for so long, we’d love to talk!

Learn more about what Hair Clinic Ankara offers and receive a consultation! Call +41 76 569-4284 now!


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Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu - Diamond Hair Clinic
Dr Mehmet Demircioglu was one of the first doctors from Turkey and Europe who used the FUE technique.
Dr. Mbaraka Ahmed Ljohiy - Sanantur Clinic
The Medical Director is the prestigious Turkish surgeon Dr. Mbaraka AHMED LJOHIY,
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