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The Facial beauty and the way we look has great influence in building up our Self Confidence and this is that thing in us which we need for a being a good personality. As the time one starts to lose the self-confidence is the time when we are starting to fail. And as life always has ups and downs so do our confidence. So lets look at the life of Mr. Diego Perez Gomar and how he gained his self-confidence that lost after he started to lose his hair.

Mr. Diego Perez Gomar was working in Riyadh of Saudi Arabia, where he started his career as a diplomat. Mr. Perez was happy with his life and leading a pursuable one along with the satisfaction in his career. But in the tread of his life at an abroad country, Perez started to lose his hair little by little at the younger time of Mid 30s .This phenomena created a confusion and fear in his main and he started to lose his attention in life and work. Mr. Perez suddenly could see that his future was getting discolored. He started to feel as if all his happiness is fading away. Mr. Perez describes this situation in his own way as; Face is what initially is projected to others and baldness made me look much older,” I looked in the mirror and could not find the image of myself that I liked. So, I had to do something to restore not only that, but also my self-confidence.

He realized that along with the hair he had also started to lose his Self-Confidence. And was afraid that when he starts to lose his self-confidence, it may affect his job and the livelihood some or the other day.

Now the problem is related to the life and living of Mr. Perez. So he decided to conduct a study on the same. As it is said,
Necessity is the mother of Invention. Here Mr. Perez was necessarily in need of a help for his Hair fall.. He searched at every nooks of the world with his GOOGLE to find a solution for the problem. And finally as a result of the sincere search, he received the details on Advanced Hair Clinics, located in the center of Athens, Greece.

At the Destination - Greece

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. The country
s unique characteristics; history, culture, natural beauty all ads to the beauty and the wide reach of tourism at this part of the world. As to now the country has stepped into new forms of tourism and that includes the Medical Tourism. This had enhanced the monetary level of the country and thus it could manage to cope up itself with this form of tourism and avert the bankruptcy.

There are several contemporary hospital units found in popular Greek destinations including Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Kalamata, Trikataadn Larissa. And at all these places the most demanded item in Medical Tourism is for COSMETIC SURGERY AND ASSISTANT SERVICES, the Hair Transplantation being one among them.

Hair transplants are the one becoming more across the globe, According to International Hair Restoration Surgery, The greatest increase has been observed in Europe, up 39 percent; Middle East, 34 percent; Canada, 21 percent, 21; Australia, 20 percent; and Asia, 10 percent. Though all places offer this treatment as a part of Medical Tourism, we can notice towards Greece for this purpose. This is because the country offers a reasonable affordable price for the treatment. Patients like Perez and many others around the globe reach here for this. Meanwhile, Dr. Anastasios Vekris, M.D., the lead plastic surgeon at Advanced Hair Clinics, states that many of his clients combine hair transplants with holidays, especially during the summer months.

Following a hair transplant, medical tourism patients can sight-see in the archaeological treasures of Athens or escape to a Greek island and relax. The doctor also comments that unlike the earlier methods of HAIR HARVESTING or Another SURGERY methods, most people now suggest to go for the most popular 
hair transplant technique, a follicular unit extraction, is painless and minimally invasive method, leaving no scars. Hair grafts are extracted and implanted one by one, under local anesthesia, aiming at a natural outcome. The results of this surgery are being checked with the clients either by phone or Skype or any chatting mediums. People are all satisfied that they often refer this to their friends and relatives. And as warning the doctor suggests, I would not advise anyone to choose a clinic solely in regards to the price of the services.  There are multiple dissatisfying results and complaints from clients who selected low-budget countries for their procedure.


Mr.Perez is happier than before as he could overcome the main problem. He said,
thanks to local anesthesia, hair restoration was not painful. I had some discomfort during the first night and the first two days after the procedure, but nothing else. After one week, the head looked normal again. Perez can satisfactorily look over his career once again and can hope no one to make fun of his baldness anymore.

Hairfear - 10-22-2015

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