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Successful Facial Hair Transplants lead to Increasing Number of Beard Transplant Candidates

In the last few years, the popularity of the Hipster Beards is gradually increasing. Although the fashion is not very new, yet a lot of people seems to be clinging with this style. In addition, there has the necessity of beard transplant.

As per the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the practice of beard transplant is gradually increasing. Primarily, from 1.5% in 2012, it has grown to 3.7% in the year 2014. No doubt that the people are really feeling taken with the style in spite of its high expense.

Yes, the process is not cheap at all.

So far, the information gathered from the International Business Times is concerned, the process of beard transplant has the expenditure of 7,000 Dollars in USA and 3,500 to 5000 pounds in UK. Among those who have undergone this kind of transplants, Jose Armos is one.

Jose Armos, 28, is a paramedic by profession, living in Miami. The man seemed to look very young, so young, that at the time of 911 responses, the patients would hardly feel at ease seeing him.

According to Mr. Armos, “They would look at me and be like, ‘O.K, is this 16-year-old really going to take care of me?’

He also adds then, “It was hard for people to trust me because I had that baby face.”

For availing beard transplant option, Mr. Armos contacted Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein of Miami, who is a surgeon specialized in hair restoration. As Mr. Armos went for a manlier presentation of his face, they went for the beard transplant.

With 7000 dollars, Armos had his full beard Transplant, which was from the sideburns to the chin. For the transplant, 1000+ hair follicles were taken from th back of his head and was usd in his face.

 “It does play a role in me looking more mature, more manly, and just kind of getting respect from people,” Mr. Armos said.

As it seems, the surgeons who are apt for this kind of transplants, stay busy with candidates all through the year. Dr. Epstein used to stay had minimum 4 to 5 beard transplants in a single year, but now, according to him, it is 3 a week. No doubt, that people are increasingly getting interested.

Such increase of interest among the people is also aiding the medical associations in grow faster, as per the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Over the year of 2012 to 2014 a great amount of non-profit medical groups have increased to a great extent.

The process of hair transplant was hardly always successful. Even 30 years back there used to be reports where the hairs started to fall after the transplant, making the person come back to his bald state. However, with the change of the age there occurred some change in the process also. As a result of that now people are becoming assured that no negative outcome will take place and that is driving them to avail the hair transplant option.

In the Present days, the surgeons have become totally apt, methodically and in technical and  infrastructural field to transplant hair in the head or in the face. These beards can be shaved as well, as they will grow after that. The entire process is entirely natural and nobody can even guess anything.

According to Jeff (requested to not to use his last name), a health care consultant, “No one suspected.” The facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jamil Asaria performed his beard transplant. The cost was 10000 dollars. As Jeff said, “It’s like I was never a beard guy, and now I grew a beard. So I would say it was pretty stealth.”

According to a great many doctors and surgeons, the increase in the number of people willing to do beard transplant has drastically increased. According to Dr. Marc Dauer, a Los Angeles based hair transplant surgeon, the number of applicants have grown from 5 in year to one in a month.

Ray, aged 53, working in Pittsburgh university, said that in spite of his willingness of growing beard from the age of 12, bread never came up, not even whiskers. But a 2011 procedure done on his face, made it possible. But even then, Ray wanted a denser facial hair and therefore in the year 2012, he underwent a transplant once again. Dr. Gless Charles did the transplant. Again, in the year 2013, Ray underwent a transplant for the third time. The total expenditure was 22000 dollars.

As Ray says, “I don’t really even care that much if people know that I’ve had the transplants, I just don’t want them to know how much I’ve spent on it, because then they’ll think I’m crazy.”

But it is equally true that Ray finds the satisfaction on looking at the mirror. Now he has a beard.

Hairfear - 10-14-2015

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