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Laser Hair Treatments Gaining Ground

For anyone who has ever experienced hair loss - whether it was the result of illness, stress, or heredity, the same feelings of anguish and embarrassment occur. Luckily new tech advancements are making it possible to combat hair loss problems for many (not all - but there is hope in the future even for those patients). One of the more common technologies being used to help re-stimulate hair follicle growth for those with hair loss issues is through the use of lasers.

Laser hair treatments  involve the use of laser devices that help awaken the hair follicle and after a certain number of exposures have even helped to regrow that hair that was once dormant.

These steps can either be taken at home with a few gadgets on the market that have lasers built in, or can require patients to visit a doctor's office for multiple sittings each month.

Many people are starting to chose this option for their hair loss issues because it costs less than a hair transplant, is painless and doesn't come with possible side effects of medications. Even for those with just thinning hair, there are procedures called “Low Light Laser” that is a cooler laser that is used to make the thin hair stronger.

Avante Laser & MediSpa, a 15-year-old company with locations in Houston and The Woodlands, is the latest medical spa that’s announced it will be using lasers to help with hair loss. The center is already award winning for its use of lasers to remove hair for patients, and it will now be offering the technology needed to regrow hair with lasers as well.

Specifically, the Spa is using the FDA approved Sunetics Clinical Hair Growth Laser and is currently one of two facilities in Texas to offer laser hair loss treatments.

Hairfear - 08-15-2015

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