Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a very dreadful condition and can be experienced among people of all races and nationalities. The main cause for hair loss varies from heredity to nutritional deficiency and can become an issue due to other factors like stress, drug or alcohol abuse, improper diet and scalp disorders.

A first sign of hair loss may be thinning of the hair at the crown. This is typically a normal process of ageing, but should be monitored carefully.

For improvement in individuals suffering from hair loss, many people are now turning to laser treatments. These laser treatments for hair loss can be used to improve the appearance of hair and better the way people suffering from hair loss feel about their situation.

Even though some dermatologists are still debating whether or not the laser treatment for hair loss is safe or effective, there are a number of places around the globe offering laser treatments for hair loss. These laser treatment clinics make use of large laser devices and typically require patients to visit the office for multiple sittings each month.

To help reduce the costs associated with laser treatments for hair loss, there is now also a comb called the, “laser comb” which is a home version of the laser treatments, approved by the FDA to thicken the appearance of hair.

The Laser comb utilizes low level laser therapy (LLLT), which emits photo energy - both painless and non-toxic.

Currently the FDA is still conducting trials to approve the gadget for hair growth stimulation.

For those patients who do not have an improvement in their hair loss with laser treatment, there is also the option for a hair transplant - typical in situations like make pattern baldness or hair loss due to accidents or operations would merit this kind of measure for hair growth.

Finally, for those looking for a less expensive, and more common fix to hair loss, there are a number of home rememedies out there that promise to help get your locks growing again. A solution like sage and rosemary boiled in water and applied as a shampoo to one’s hair is just one example.

As with any treatments, thorough research and guidance from an experienced professional should be taken to ensure you will rid yourself of any hair loss ailments and finally get abck the confidence you seek.


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