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Nanogen Hair Growth Factors Outperform Standard Minoxidil Solutions in Clinical Tests

A recent clinical test conducted by Nanogen, a hair growth and retention expert, found that Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum can significantly increase hair growth rate, up to 237 percent more than the standard 5 percent minoxidil solution.

Nanogen, a British biotech company, offers supplements, treatments and concealers for men and women with thinning hair. The company scientifically formulates real solutions to deliver real results. The test was conducted to carry out the efficacy of Nanogen Hair Growth Factors (VEGF) versus the standard 5 percent minoxidil treatment that is used to maintain hair growth and increase hair retention.

According to the study, Nanogen Hair Growth Factors maintained hair growth at a healthy rate while the minoxidil control's growth began to decline prior to falling out. The study thus proved that Nanogen prolonged hair survival more effectively and prevented hair loss better than minoxidil solution.

When the scientists tested Nanogen Hair Growth Factors in combination with minoxidil, they found that the combination can significantly increase hair growth rate - up to 133 percent more than minoxidil alone.

Commenting on the research results, dermatologist Dr. Vicky Jolliffe, said, "I always take a multi-faceted approach to treating thinning hair and we may see this product playing an important role in patient management. The science behind Nanogen's Hair Growth Factors is exciting and preliminary research shows there to be considerable potential for this product in managing the patient with hair loss."

Nanogen Hair Growth Factors has been developed as part of the company’s continued efforts to offer natural treatments to thicken and improve hair, without side effects. Nanogen has been creating identical copies of VEGF protein using advanced DNA technology. These proteins are the main components of Nanogen Hair Growth Factors.

The study was conducted earlier this year and involved the examination of 80 individual human hairs. Clinical tests were carried out by Bio-Ec Laboratories in France. Meanwhile a recent article revealed five medical reasons for hair loss. They include thyroid diseases (both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism), anemia, diabetes, fungal infection on the scalp and lupus (a chronic auto-immune disorder)

Diabetes, among these, is a growing concern among patients as it can have a serious impact on the hair. Hair loss normally begins at the onset of diabetes and gradually becomes worse. Diabetics are sensitive to skin problems because their blood circulation is not optimal. This could result in visible hair loss because the body can’t keep up with the re-growth process.


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