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Keranique Launches FDA-Approved Hair Regrowth Solution for Women

There is no dearth of hair care solutions in the market. With hair care being one of the most lucrative markets for companies, several innovations are happening in this area to lure more consumers in this line. However, the standard and quality of hair care products often remain dubious. Hair care products that are FDA-approved are reliable as they meet the quality requirements set by the agency.

Recently Keranique, a provider of hair care solutions, announced the launch of a new line of hair solutions, which include products that are designed to thicken and volumize women's hair. It also features an FDA-approved hair re-growth treatment for women.

These hair care products are exclusively created for women. While there are products that offer treatment for both genders, there are very few products that offer complete hair loss solution for women. The pattern of hair loss in men and women varies, so the treatment also differs. Keranique’s products are designed with these concerns in mind. They offer an assortment of substances that are scientifically advanced and formulated for a woman's special hair care needs.

The new hair care products make their hair look and feel fuller and thicker almost from the first use, the company claims. The Keranique hair re-growth treatment contains 2 percent minoxidil, which is the only OTC ingredient on the market that is approved by the FDA for regrowing hair.

Keranique line of hair care products is exclusively designed for hair care in women. They include products like shampoo which thickens, cleanses and revitalizes hair and a conditioner, designed to add volume and strength. The Keranique hair care product line also includes intensive scalp treatment to optimize the environment to improve the appearance of hair in just 8 days. Another product in the bunch is a follicle boosting serum that nourishes the hair follicle and provides thicker looking hair.

The Keranique hair care products are sulfate free, pH balanced and help in protecting the hair from humidity. They also protect the hair from the damaging effect of heat dryers by maintaining the moisture level in the hair. The company claims these products are unique and stands out from competition as they are based on scientific formula. With the line of products that helps women achieve thicker, fuller looking hair as well as a product with the only FDA approved ingredient for hair regrowth, the Keranique line of products is ideal for women seeking a more comprehensive solution for hair health and beauty.

Recent studies have shown that women in the Middle East and Asia suffer hair loss the most. The research, commissioned by INVERSION and conducted by research experts Nielsen, reveals that more than 67 percent of women in the UAE suffer hair loss, making hair loss as the most significant beauty problem experienced by UAE women.


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