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Unique hair concepts may have a resolution to hair loss

One of the first things that we think of with hair loss is to consider replacement with prosthetics or surgery. If you've been considering avoiding surgery were looking for a new hair loss solution that is modern and safe, it could finally be the time to address your hair loss issue with a safe new option.

3-D printers have revolutionized the world. Not only can we print spare parts for a variety of different items but three printers evolve to the point where people are printing food, human skin and more. There may now be time that we can see real hair printed from a 3-D printer that's ready for prosthetic replacement in the scalp.

One-of-a-kind 3-D printed hair prosthetics are made possible as part of a Cesare Ragazzi laboratories experiment. Hair prosthetics are printed precisely for each individual and the replacement naturally replicates and matches human hair. While the prosthetic don't grow, they can be reprinted and changed for a new hairstyle as needed.

This technology is made possible through the use of digital scalp mapping which can create a 3-D blueprint of someone scalp which can then be personalized with various prosthetics. The second scalp is printed out, dermatologist tested and created using UV protected material. The hand-picked strands are matched with your own hair and the 3-D printed base will secure to your scalp producing a natural look.

Artisans produce natural results using the 3-D printed base as well as the hair from the 3d printer. It's this level of quality and customization that makes these style of hairpieces completely natural looking.

If you are looking for a natural and nonsurgical hair replacement options, 3-D printing and scalp mapping can be a wonderful option for your needs. 

Hairfear 4-25-2016

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