Stress and Hair Loss

Stress and Hair Loss - A Guide to Hair Loss Prevention Tips

"Doctor, my hair is falling out! There's hair on the bed, there's hair on the comb, there's hair everywhere, except on my head. " - While this may sound like part of a humourus skit, the reality of the situation strikes many peoples lives each day. Hair loss has many factors for individuals who suffer from the problem, but one of the main causes for hair loss is stress.

These two go hand-in-hand and can be the reason why you are loosing your hair.

Stress and Hair loss is most commonly noticed among people who gulp down coffee for breakfast, swallow burgers for lunch and puff cigars to kill stress. While each of these may serve as what seems a very quick fix for stress, the underlying issues behind some one’s stress can actually be whats causing their hair to fall right out of their scalp.

Stress levels may be highest among youth balancing work, school and social lives, and office workers who sit for long hours or may be in positions where deadlines and stress are part of the job.

While stress and hair loss are common, these situations may even cause premature graying and while you’re busy trying to get a quick fix for your stress conditions like nutrtional imbalances, illnesses, or medications can be adding to your hair loss situation.

For those of us tied to our desks at work, and then again at home when we unwind for the day, lack of exercise combined with our hectic schedules can also be causing hair loss.

Even if you aren’t prone to stress, just a lack of proper vitamins and wrong food habits will contribute to the possibility of hair loss. It is reccomended that people consume green leafy vegetables to stop iron deficiency and anemia as a way to prevent severe stress and hair loss.

Even without stress, or improper diet, hair loss may still occur. Cosmetic related hair loss factors include repeated coloring, perming, shampooing with harsh chemicals, as well as repeated use of high heat styling products like irons which damage the hair shaft.

If you want to stop stressing and prevent hair loss from happening to you, there are methodical treatments like destressing, meditation, yoga, haircare advice, and correct nutrition to help alleviate stress and any potential hair loss problems. Start by taking these tips into consideration: Relax, quit smoking, and manage your day better so you can feel lighter and fitter - you will stress less and prevent hair loss.

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