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Myth or Fact: Bad Water to Blame for Hair Loss in Dubai?

We hear lots of tips and tricks these days on how you might be able to stop hair loss and even in some cases reverse the ill effects (depending of course on the type of hair loss you are suffering from) right in its tracks. A lot of these recommendations center around improving one’s health, stress levels, and ensuring they right vitamins are being added to your system to support healthy hair follicles.

One recent headline from Gulf News questioned whether or not something a common and the water in Dubai was a culprit in the rampant cases of hair loss happening in that region of the world.

Reporting on the test of four samples of tap water by Gulf News, one recount online showed that the samples from various parts of Dubai (Deira, Bur Dubai, Silicon Oasis, and Jumeirah) actually showed no actual link with the hair loss that was occurring.

While some outside factors can take a toll on or add to our well being and health, there is typically underlying and internal health issues that are more at the root cause of hair loss.

This is what Dubai trichologist Dr. Mike Ryan was quoted in the article as stating. typically outside factors like the environment might make the hair’s texture a bit different but it doesn't cause the actual loss. That is usually a factor of poor health, genetics or something psychological.

Normal hair shedding should also not be a concern. Anywhere between 20-25 strands lost in a day is normal. But if hair texture is still an issue, the recommendation is to install a water filter attached to the shower head to help rid some of the chemicals causing your hair issues.  

Hairfear - 5-14-2015

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