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Better Hair or Better Sex: Do You Have to Choose?

If you had to choose between feeling attractive enough to approach a potential mate and start a relationship, or being able to perform in the bedroom once you were able to get a mate - which would you chose?

New studies are pointing to the correlation between men taking prescription medications for male pattern baldness or benign prostate enlargement as being linked to side effects that damper the male sex life.

The main claims we’re covered in a recent Financial Express article and point to things like a loss of sexual desires and even erectile dysfunction happening with use of these medications.

Some of the commonly used drugs to treat these problems include Finasteride , Dutasteride, Propecia and Avodart.

These drugs work mostly to control and regulate testosterone and DHT so it will help with hair loss issues and even with prostate swelling.

What researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM are claiming is that the side effects are greater than those specified on the packaging and in some cases include more than is even being told.

Some of the claims also being made about use of the drugs are that it will bring about things like diabetes and cardiovascular disease - but these claims are still being investigated.

For some men it’s a hard coin toss to chose between feeling secy and confident enough and being able to perform when in the bedroom. But they shouldn’t have to choose. The hope is that now that these realizations have been brought to light, drug makers can work on new prescriptions that will still allow men to save their hair from loss while still being able to experience sexual bliss.

Hairfear - 09-02-2015

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