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Hair tips just for men: The main causes of hair loss and how to prevent it

There are many good reasons why men lose their hair and before you immediately turn to expensive and invasive treatments it's a good idea to learn why you may be losing your hair and if there is a simple and natural solution available to you. The three main reasons that men generally lose their hair are due to skin conditions, lifestyle factors as well as various genetic causes. Because we often associate a full head of hair with success and youth, many men are interested in reversing balding as soon as it comes into effect. Here are some of the top ways that you can fix your hair loss from these factors and more:


 The only treatment for genetic hair loss is a prescription tablet which can stop genetic hair loss. The typical name for this tablet is Propecia.


If you are getting older and losing your hair it is possible to use minoxidil lotion or hair transplants to slow or improve the process of balding.


Using medicated shampoos can help to prevent the symptoms of psoriasis and return your hair to normal growth.

Seborrheic dermatitis:

 Itching of your scalp could be causing your hair loss, using the right treatment to prevent itching can help to prevent future hair loss.


Rreducing stress can help to improve your hair growth to normal after six months.


By having a fully balanced diet it's possible for your hair to resume growth normally.

Tight hair:

If your roots have become damaged due to a specific hairstyle, you might start to lose it. Go back to your natural hairstyle and work at avoiding dyes and heavy chemicals.

Keep these top tips in mind for the main causes of hair loss as well as how you can prevent balding.

Hairfear - 03-18-2016

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