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Styling choices for black women can cause hair loss

Many of the common hair styling practices today can actually work at causing hair loss. The problem can go regularly undiagnosed by many hair specialists as well. As women perform a number of these treatments on their hair, they may not be realizing that it's the actual hair styling that can be causing problems with their health and overall hair health.

Genetics and past hair styling can play a big role when it comes to hair loss in black women. Using styles like chemical relaxing, weaves and braiding can cause a significant chance of hair loss. This is identified by a clinical associate professor at the University of Connecticut named Dr. Yolanda Lenzy.

This result comes back by findings in a survey from 5600 black women about their particular experiences with hair loss. 48% of the response group actually said that they suffered hair loss near the crown and top of their scalp.

Hair loss comes on as a result of various styling issues. Chronic use of the same style can result in repeated hair loss. Out of the 48% response group that suggested that they had experienced hair loss, 81% of that group went on to say that they have never consulted a doctor but their hair loss.

The main condition that affects this group is called Central Centrifugal, cicatricle alopecia. This condition attack hair follicles causing their information and eventual destruction. It can cause permanent scarring, hair loss and ongoing thinning throughout the scalp.

Involving chemical relaxers and other textiles that put extra pressure on the hair follicles can worsen this condition. It seems that overall the combination of genetics and styling is causing some major concern with hair loss in black women.

Hairfear - 03-14-2016

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