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How To Stop Hair Loss The Natural Way

Tips on how to stop hair loss is a subject many people are very interested in - after all, we live in a society where appearance and first impressions are key. Now, to help the many people who suffer from hair loss, there are different options for stopping and slowing hair loss and even options to assist those whose hair loss cannot be stopped.

When we talk about hair loss, we don’t mean the normal loss of hair follicles on a typical day from routine actions like brushing your hair or washing it, that is normal, instead one of the main causes of hair loss for individuals is their genetic structure. Because this is something we can not go back and changes, or alter in the present, medications, therapies and treatments have been introduced into the market- some even showing great answers to the question of how to stop hair loss.

Below we will look at just two of the less invasive and more natural options many people trying to find out how to stop hair loss.


The art of massage is a natural way to stop hair loss and is used as a way to stimulate the hair follicles and roots into action by promoting better and faster hair growth as the circulation of blood and essential nutrients are promoted through massage.

The key to getting hair loss to cease through massage is to massage gently but firmly and making sure the nails do not scratch the surface of the scalp, only the fingers. The massage may be complemented by aromatherapy oil or essential oils which have antiseptic or antibacterial properties and can help contribute to stopping the hair loss process, mainly because some loss can be caused by the presence of bacteria or fungi in the scalp.

Herbal Applications

There are also a number of options to stopping hair loss through the application of an herb like Saw Palmetto - which is used to block DHT, a big factor in hair loss. DHT is a metabolite from testosterone and can be managed well by the herb. Another botanical item that also helps with how to stop hair loss is Nettle Root. Research has shown that this herb can also be instrumental in blocking chemicals that may contribute to DHT.

If you are looking to how to stop hair loss, you may be able to find extracts of these herbs in alternative medicine stores. As always, its best to seek reccomendations from a trained professional on dosages and applications if you are trying to find out how to stop hair loss.

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