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Check Your Diet for Hair Loss Clues

Any time our bodies start to change or we notice thing that are not longer looking like they used to - we naturally start to panic. For any of us who start to notice hair thinning or fallout - thinking about what might be happening can be scary. Everything from illness, to poor nutrition and stress are all known culprits.

A recent article posted on NDTV Food  looked at the ways Iron and Protein in our life might be causing hair loss for some of us.

According to the piece, it is possible for the cases where this lack of nutrients is happening to actually fix hair loss.

First step is to realize if the amount of hair falling on your hair brush is normal. Hair shedding of up to 100 strands per day is normal as old cells die and make room for new ones.

The problems step in when you’re noticing large clumps come out and when you are starting to see your scalp more and more, meaning no new hair is growing back in place of what fell out.

Factors like  poor nutrition, not enough vitamins in your system, hormone imbalances or other hereditary factors could be in play.

Then there is also the toxic thing in most of our lives called STRESS. high levels of stress can also have an impact on hair loss.

To get things back in order, and before deciding if you need a hair transplant or other remedies it's important to take a look at the big picture of your diet and stress levels and get them in order, the NDTV Food article advised.

Having too little iron can hurt the condition of our hair and can be fixed by having a doctor check blood and offer vitamins if needed to get these levels back in check.

To help get iron up its also recommended to up your consumption of red meats, green leafy vegetables and fish.

Not only iron, but also protein is critical element in our diets that is associated with healthy hair. So its important to have enough protein to ensure there is support needed to keep follicles healthy and growing.  Good sources can be cheese, quinoa, yogurt and lentils.


Hairfear - 06-06-2015

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