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Formula 82M in Topical Treatment of Hair Loss - Case Study

Hair loss is a typical problem affecting a major chunk of the population across the world irrespective of race, age, gender or region. Protecting ones crowning glory is no easy task and a remedy for hair loss will be a gift from heaven.

Dr.Alan Bauman Medical Director of Bauman Medical Group and a well-known hair transplant surgeon in the United States has come to the rescue of people ailing from androgenetic alopecia a hereditary form of hair loss experienced by both men and women. He has conducted an exhaustive clinical study on the efficacy of Formula 82M a non-invasive application for the topical treatment of this condition.

The results of his in-depth study were released as a white paper to the medical community and to hair transplant surgeon colleagues at the 20th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, recently.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is an international, non-profit medical association which strives to maintain the highest standards of medical practice and medical ethics in hair transplant surgery. Its members include physicians specializing in hair loss from more than 60 countries.

Dr. Bauman found that Formula 82M was a better cure for androgenetic alopecia when compared to older compounded minoxidil formulations. Formula 82M is a pharmacy-compounded minoxidil-based solution prescribed as an advanced treatment technology for the treatment of hair loss.

Well experienced in the field of hair loss treatment Dr.Bauman has treated 15,000 people since 1997. In 2010 Formula 82M was introduced to the medical community in the U.S. where around 200 physicians are actively prescribing the product to over 1,000 patients. Dr. Bauman began prescribing Formula 82M in 2012.

“Naturally, we have been quite anxious and followed with great interest Dr. Bauman’s clinical study of our compounded formulation on his patients during this extended period of time,” said Thomas Mastanduono, President of MasterPharm, that compounds Formula 82M.

By prescribing Formula 82M for more than 400 men and women in a span of 2 years Dr.Bauman has come to the conclusion that this preparation is more effective with a higher compliance percentage, as patients seem to prefer to continue with Formula 82M compared to other minoxidil solutions.

Commenting on the study and the success factor of the formulation Doug Greif, Managing Partner of Hair Science, LLC, the company that developed the 82M formulation said, “Formula 82M contains highly stable active ingredients that are delivered in a unique, non-greasy, propylene glycol free formulation that is very well tolerated. Along with the droptainer applicator, 82M makes it very easy to comply with treatment.”

Hair Science strives to develop ways to improve hair and scalp health, leveraging the competencies of dermatologists, hair restoration physicians, biochemists, pharmacists and healthcare experts. The solutions developed by the researchers restore weakening hair follicles bringing them back to normal function. Formula 82M can be procured by prescription through MasterPharm Compounding Pharmacy in New York.


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