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DS Healthcare Making Moves for Hair Loss Remedy

Pompano, Fla.-based DS Healthcare is a company that develops personal care products and in particular, biotechnology for topical therapies.

One focus the company is dedicating time to finding a solution for is hair loss. Back in October 2013, the company secured its move to develop a product that address this market by filing its first patent for a prescription hair loss product.

Hair loss can occur in both men and women across the world for a number of reasons including genetics, stress, illness and even poor nutrition and care for one’s tresses.

While sufferers can vary from having a completely bald scalp, to patchy hair or just thinning in some areas - for anyone who is experiencing hair loss, the desire to find a solution that masks and cures the problem has created a growing market for hair loss products.

While the new offering from DS Healthcare is still  in development, the company has now also filed its second patent with the USPTO which focuses on “composition and methods” of what the company describes as a new compound that is a “calcium-activated potassium channel opening agent for topical treatment of hair loss.”

According to a press statement, the company believes this compound is important in the battle with hair loss because it is more effective than minoxidil in helping to regrow the hair.

This product will not be available over the counter as with many other hair loss solutions, but instead is the company’s first venture to offer a prescription based hair loss product they believe will match or exceed the popularity of their over the counter products.

Hairfear - 5-12-2014

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