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Young CEO Gains Hair Loss Treatment Success

Hair Loss remedies and cures continue to crowd the shelves at many of our local stores as demand for a magic concoction to rid oneself of the trouble of thinning hair and baldness increases.

One popular method people have turned to for its healthy and organic properties include holistic approaches to hair loss cures.

These remedies typically use ingredients readily available from nature, or that are in a most natural state and use them as topical treatments of are eaten to increase vitamin and other important nutrient levels that support hair growth.

Now a businessman, armed with the tools to take that idea even further has made a name or himself in the hair loss game and is being recognized internationally.

Ryan Zamo is the twenty-five year old CEO of  Z Skin Cosmetics. When he noticed his hair was quickly starting to thin, he took matters into his own hands and worked with his parents to come up with a holistic treatment to help with hair loss.

In just four months the product line he launched, called Z Hair, became well known and applauded across the globe.

The solution looks at natural remedies and moves away from the use of pills and potions to instead focus on biology and herbal remedies for the answer.

With the help of his retired biologist and horticulturist mother and father with deep roots in homemade remedies, the college student was able to come up with a solution that he got positive results with.

Hairfear - 4-1-2015

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