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New Hair Extensions Help Hide Hair Loss

For any woman who has lived with thin, limp hair, you know the struggle of not being able to grow long thick locks for that sultry look - or to keep up with the latest hair trends.

But for women who suffer from hair loss later in life, or are starting to see their hair thinning, this sudden switch to not-so-full hair can be frustrating and discouraging.

While there are numerous products and natural remedies to help hair grow or become thicker, using these is always a gamble. Aside from an actual hair transplant, the only other option to have that fuller hair is to use extensions or hair pieces.

These can appear more natural on women with more hair to cover the pieces, but if not done properly can also be a culprit to hair loss.

Having tracks sewn in tightly or clips pinching at the hair follicles are all detrimental to the health of your hair.

Now new solutions, like the Invisablend products have been created and are picking up steam in many salons because they work, look natural and don't do the kind of harm past hair extensions were known for causing.

Most recently, a salon in Albany, GA. made headlines with the announcement that they would start using the extensions to help customers achieve hair fullness.

What’s most different about this new type of hair extension is that it feeds real hair in-between the person’s existing hair in a natural way. These hair threads called “Translucent Blending-Strands” that look and feel like real hair and are fed single human hairs, one at a time so when blended  you can only see single real hairs that look as though they are growing directly out of the scalp.

This application can even be used as a hair transplant enhancer to help make the results from the surgery even more desirable.

Hairfear - 8-18-2014

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