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FDA-Approved Provillus Natural and Safe to Treat Hair Fall

Provillus is making news yet again as an effective treatment for hair loss in both men and women. Available as specially concocted formulations for men and women, Provillus works as a dual action formula preventing further hair loss and also helping grow new hair.

Excessive hair loss not only causes bald patches on scalp, it also reduces the confidence and self-esteem of sufferers. While many people take it in their stride many do not, especially women. When baldness in men is an accepted feature, women will not tolerate acute hair loss.

People in the entertainment business may consider baldness a serious ailment. At the outset of the problem if immediate use of Provillus is started, further loss of hair can be arrested. Male Pattern Baldness or MPB is a genetic trait and is known as Androgenetic Alopecia in medical circles.

It is a hereditary character. If men show signs of baldness in a family other men in the close circle will most probably also go bald. The age of occurrence may change according to the lifestyle habits and environment of the men in the same family. Although Provillus is ineffective in correcting genetic factors it can cure the hormonal causes owing to its natural, time tested ingredients and formula.

Besides genetic factors playing a major role in hair loss and baldness, environmental conditions like water, pollution and climate; hectic or fashionable lifestyle; improper food habits with respect to quality, time of eating, frequency etc. and age, all play a part in causing hair loss. While natural conditions cannot be altered, others can be.

Along with good food, hair care habits and proper hygiene, if Provillus is used when a person first detects the problem further hair loss can be stopped.

Provillus is affordable compared to hair implants and transplant surgeries. The active ingredients in Provillus are absorbed into the roots of the hair follicles which triggers the hair repair process. FDA-approved ingredients are used in the product which further justifies the product’s quality. Provillus can be safely announced as a natural and safe hair restoration and hair loss prevention product.

Provillus has no harmful side-effects as it comprises of Minoxidil, minerals like zinc and herbal ingredients known since long, in safe and effective proportions. The active ingredient in Provillus, Minoxidil stimulates blood flow which makes the scalp healthy. When hair follicles are healthy they can resist losing out easily.

Research has proven that DHT a hormone present in males is inhibited by Provillus. DHT causes male pattern baldness as it causes hair follicles to weaken. The effect of DHT increases with age.

Provillus is safer and when used in early stages of hair fall is highly effective. In clinics offering hair transplant services, Provillus is also given to aid in the growth of new hair and to get faster results. 


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