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Provillus, the Success Formula to Stop Hair Loss

When an acute need is felt, the remedy is not far behind. Same is the case with hair loss problems. Men and women suffer from varying degrees of hair loss which occurs due to varying reasons such as health, genetics, medication and so on.

In men the condition is more acute as a majority of the population is affected. Also hair loss is total and complete in the top of the head leading to baldness sending men scurrying under hats or bandanas. Also they are affected emotionally with some men even losing confidence in their work.

However they are not alone as studies reveal that about 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss in the US alone. Advancements in medical technology have spawned numerous products which are effective in arresting hair fall eliminating the need to go for expensive surgical remedies.

Provillus among these is highly effective and affordable compared to hair implants and replacement surgeries, according to which is a new Provillus review website. strives to provide salient advice to men who suffer from hair loss and are susceptible to baldness. The valuable tips helps them regain self-esteem, affordably as balding takes its toll on a person’s physical appearance, social interactions and emotive health.

The active Provillus formula has been developed to be easily absorbed into the root of hair follicles. This will make the repair process fast and after a one, two or six month dosage a new hairline gets created putting an end to baldness.

The product is concocted using FDA-approved ingredients which are highly effective in restoring hair in men afflicted with acute hair loss and baldness. Provillus as a hair restoration and hair loss prevention product is natural and safe to use.

Provillus is a topical solution containing minoxidil, some minerals and herbs. Provillus ingredients are mixed in the right ratio and hence do not have harmful side-effects. Besides minoxidil and zinc, Provillus has herbs that were used since prehistoric times to promote hair growth.

The active ingredient in Provillus, minoxidil maybe actually stimulating blood flow which makes the scalp healthy hence preventing hair loss. Some research also shows that DHT a hormone present in males is inhibited by Provillus. The hormone is responsible for male pattern baldness.

Although Provillus has no adverse side effects men and women using it have to follow the dosage strictly and follow all instructions given by the manufacturer. Also Provillus is made available in different forms for men and women and care should be taken to use the appropriate formulation to get the right results. 


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