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Protein Shakes Increase the Chances of Androgenic Alopecia

The number of men suffering from baldness is steadily increasing. While most cases of androgenic alopecia are attributed to genetic factors, there are certain external factors that act as triggers for hair loss. According to Dr. Jennifer Martinick, Western Australia�s only hair transplant surgeon, protein shakes can increase baldness in men.

Protein shakes, a common food supplement, are one of the most commonly used body building supplements. It is consumed immediately before and after exercising. Most men don�t realize the negative effects of protein shakes on their body, especially hair, according to Dr. Martinick.

Dr. Martinick has seen significant rise in the number of hair loss patients. She has performed more than 400 hair restoration surgeries annually, up about 30 percent from a year ago. The number of patients in their 20s and 30s has also been doubled than a decade ago.

Dr. Martinick says, among other life style factors, protein shakes are partly responsible for this abnormal rise in alopecia cases among young men. Protein shakes cause the body to produce chemicals that cause or worsen baldness in most cases.

�Lots of young guys these days are very image conscious,� Dr. Martinick said. �They are 20 or 30-something, go to the gym, some even have Botox, take protein shakes to build up muscle but don�t realize it can contribute to baldness. They have lots of disposable income so they come for treatment because they also want a full head of hair.�

Diet plays a major role in the rising cases of alopecia. Western diet already contains a lot of animal fat. When they consume things like creatin, whey protein isolates and cause more harm to the body than good, according to Dr. Martinick.

Dr. Martinick conducts hair restoration surgeries at New Hair Clinic. She advises people not to take protein shakes to prevent further hair loss and delay baldness in some cases with medication.

According to the latest ISHRS 2011 Practice Census Results, over 100,000 hair transplant surgeries were performed last year in the U.S. of the total 279,381 surgeries performed worldwide. Of these 85.9 percent of the hair restoration surgeries were performed in male patients.

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