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No Shame: Female Hair Loss is Not a Secret

Hair loss is an issue that both men and women across the globe suffer from. Today, we are hearing more and more about younger generations beginning to pay attention to this issue and shed light on ways to help fix it.

While for men the issue can be equally as devastating, hair loss woes are taken to a whole new level when it comes to females. This is because the stigma is so much bigger for women. Men can just shave their head bald and go for the sexy Vin diesel trend. For women who experience clumps of hair loss and eventually balding, the torment over why it is happening to them and what they might be able to do to fix it can be very taxing.

New steps are being taken across the globe to help bring awareness to the effectiveness of hair transplants and the steps that can be taken - even holistically - to help those who may suffer from hair loss.

Aside from women who suffer publicly from the results of illness and things like chemotherapy treatments, there are also women who are losing their hair for other reasons outside of illness and don't know where to turn to help regain confidence and sense of beauty. 

A former beauty queen from Delaware is just one of the faces helping to stand up and bring awareness to hair loss for females.

Kayla Martell, who competed in the Miss America pageant,  suffers from Alopecia Areata.

"We are just not talking about [this issue] enough," she said during a recent Fox News Latino report.

She is now spreading the word around how she has overcome this obstacle in her life thanks to 
Flora Fuentes, the owner of Unique Hair Concepts who provided her with a hair prosthetic.

"I found something that worked for me, worked for my lifestyle, and helped me to look beautiful again, but it took some time to regain that confidence," Martell told Fox News Latino.

The goal really is to help remove the fear associated with hair loss and to allow a public discussion for awareness.Understanding the underlying issue on why hair loss is occurring, how it fix it, and ultimately to still feel comfortable enough in your own skin and beautiful no matter what is key.

Hairfear - 06-30-2015

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