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Another Extreme in Help with Hair Loss: Eating Your Own Hair?

For quite some time now, we have been hearing all about the different tactics and solutions to help with hair loss issues. From more permanent solutions like hair transplants, to a helmet with lasers on it and using holistic remedies to help spur hair growth. As more studies are conducted to try and uncover a new breakthrough in this plight, an extreme, somewhat odd solution was recently reported.

Typically, we keep our guard up for bogus Web stories when checking out the headlines. But when desperation for a hair loss solution is in play -- and judging by some of the other studies being conducted by mice, one report on theHealthSite almost got our hopes up.

The false April Fools report meant for fun, noted that research done on mice showed promising results when they were fed their own hair that fell out. It went on to claim that ingesting  the Keratin found in the locks help with stimulating the new growth.

Not a farfetched idea.

What started to get a little fuzzy was the report’s note that the texture of one’s hair produced differing results - and that’s where the joke was exposed.

But it got us thinking - just how far are we willing to go to find that “magic fix” for hair loss issues today? Would you eat a ball of hair if it was proven to bring back your locks? And how can thinking outside the box to extremes like this (ok maybe not this extreme) help with new discovery paths or ideas in the search for hair loss answers?

Hairfear - 4-23-2015

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