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New Brazilian Treatment to Help Stop Hair Loss?

In a market saturated with hair loss treatments and vitamins all claiming to help restore hair’s health and improve tresses, it can be hard to find which solution is truly going to offer a winning outcome.

While all hair types and genetics have a role to play in this, as well as the underlying cause for hair’s condition or hair loss, there is one treatment that's gaining steam in Brazil and was recently shared with a group of attendees at a supplier conference.

According to a report by, the new craze in the Brazilian market is what’s being called a ‘Bomba’ or bomb.. that is being added to store bought shampoos and is a concoction of certain vitamins to boost the power of the hair product.

These mixes, which can be special made prior to mixing them with the shampoo someone uses, are typically using a vitamin Bepantol, according to the Cosmetic Design article.

Also during the event for suppliers, an industry insider revealed that Brazilian tresses are in better condition today because many shampoos are now removing the use of salt from their ingredients which helps the shampoo to sud but can dry hair out.  Dry hair leads to brittle tresses that easily break off - and too much breakage can lead to excessive, noticeable hair loss.

So maybe the Brazilian market is on to something we haven’t picked up yet. Is this a secret to great hair and less hair loss we’ve all been searching for? I’ll be giving it a try to see.

Hairfear - 5-21-2014

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