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Keranique Hair Re-Growth Product Received Well in the Market

Keranique, a provider of hair loss solutions, meets the quality standards of the industry by using FDA-approved products in their hair care solutions. The company offers hair loss treatments to both men and women.

Recently the company announced the launch of a new line of products formulated to treat hair loss in men.

Keranique is more concerned about hair loss in women because hair loss is an insurmountable problem for most women and there are very few products to treat hair loss in women.

The new hair care kit for women contains a shampoo, a conditioner, follicle-boosting serum and a hair re-growth treatment. The main ingredient of these hair loss treatments is minoxidil, the only ingredient approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the purpose of re-growing hair.

The full line of Keranique products is formulated as a scientifically-rooted system to improve the fullness of a woman's hair. Together these products strengthen the hair. Additionally, they are able to prevent damage caused by heat and humidity while providing a pH balance that works with a woman's biochemistry. These products are sulfate free. They also protect the hair from the damaging effect of heat dryers by maintaining the moisture level in the hair.

Among these products, the hair re-growth product is gaining wider popularity because it has been found more effective in women suffering from hair loss. The product results in a fuller-looking head of hair, and can create a discernable increase in thickness as well as volume. The re-growth treatment is made with two percent minoxidil formulated specifically for women.

A testimony from a customer said, "Prior to using Keranique, my hair was dry, brittle, and limp. I had thinning around the front of my face. My hair now has more volume. It's amazing the fullness I now have." Want to know about more hair loss products? Here is a list of top ten hair loss products which are doing rounds in the market. They include herbal hair loss products, prescription drugs as well as hair loss supplements. While herbal remedies are known to cause no harm to the body or hair, prescription drugs may cause certain side effects to your body. It is better to consult a hair loss expert before you opt for any drugs for treating hair loss.


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