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Campaign against Fake Hair Loss Product Comparison Web sites

Advanced Restoration Technologies, the parent company of HairGenesis, a provider of natural hair loss products and treatments, announced it has launched a major campaign to force the shutdown of fake hair loss products review Web sites that mislead patients to wrong products and treatments.

Hair Genesis will work to establish sensible truth-in-advertising guidelines, create positive working conduits with the FTC and FDA, and also make available genuine hair loss information, hair loss research links, as well as other proactive steps, company officials said. Cumulatively, the intention of this process will be to reward those hair treatment product manufacturers who 'play fair' and penalize those who do not.

According to HairGenesis officials, "Here's how the ploy works. A hair loss treatment product manufacturer enlists a third party to set up a Web site with a url that gives the impression that it is an objective third party consumer review entity. The Web site is populated with text and images that purport to compare a number of hair loss treatment brands, including the product brand secretly sponsoring the Web site. Fake data is published which supposedly shows that the sponsoring brand outperformed other brands in a series of analyses."

Hair Genesis offers drug free natural hair loss products, baldness treatments, and hair growth vitamins. The company has a long history of research in hair loss treatment. It was the first to develop the only naturally derived hair loss product to demonstrate safety and efficacy under double-blind, placebo-controlled conditions, the company claims.

Earlier in June, State University, New York, in collaboration with HairGenesis, published the results of a study that reported major advancement in the creation of an advanced hair re-growth formula in a cell-based model of human hair follicle keratinocytes.

Combining naturally derived 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors with highly potent anti-inflammatory agents, the scientific team showed how their proprietary composition could potentially outperform single agent hair loss treatments, such as Rogaine or Propecia, according to a press release from HairGenesis.

The new study was published in medical journal 'Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine' (eCAM). According to officials at HairGenesis, the new study validated

HairGenesis latest Generation V formulas and once again distinguished HairGenesis as the sole example of a naturally-derived hair loss product supported with objective, critically-proven scientific evidence.

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