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How to Sell Your Hair for Cash

Selling your hair for cash is not only exciting but is also rewarding. Those who have not thought about this idea until now will soon realize they missed several golden opportunities to make money by selling their hair which they were dumping at the hair dressers. Yes, hair too has commercial value in a world where people are becoming increasingly conscious about their appearance. The market for wigs and hair extensions made of natural human hair is growing fast.

“How do I sell my hair for cash?” will be the question many of you asking. Well, there are several hair buyers out there who are waiting for a candidate like you. There are several websites dedicated to selling hair. Sellers can showcase their hair with photo and descriptions. Prospective buyers can search by ethnic type, length, and age. These online hair stores work the same way other e-commerce sites work. Customers search the products, order it and make payment. It will be delivered to them immediately.

Selling your hair for cash is 100 percent legal. Unlike selling other organs in your body, selling hair is not restricted in any part of the world.

Benefits of Selling Hair for Cash According to, a leading hair seller portal, you can make up to $5000 depending on the quality and length of the hair sole. According to them, hair sales average around $500. You can sell your children’s hair too. Children’s hair is usually used in making child wigs. However, they don’t sell much as adult hair.

Apart from the economic advantage, selling your hair also brings several other benefits. The moment you decide to sell your hair for cash, you will realize your hair is more precious than before, so you will start caring it more than before. Yes, to get the best price, you must keep your hair extra healthy and shining. You have to wash it frequently, shampoo it regularly by avoiding harsh chemicals, and maintain it extremely well. You should also avoid heating, styling and coloring. To make your hair healthy and long lasting, it is important that you eat nutritious food and follow a proper diet habit. By following this healthy regime, you are in fact making your own hair (what is left after selling!), as well as your body, healthy and fit.

So, by selling your hair you not only earn cash but also get a more natural looking, healthy hair to flaunt.

If you look at hair sale in a social context, you also realize it has great philanthropic value. Millions of people around the world suffer from hair loss. There may be several reasons: genetics, disease, chemotherapy, accidents and burns. By selling your hair you become part of a community that support people suffering from different types of hair loss. Several organizations which are dedicated to supporting cancer patients have already launched programs to encourage hair donation. Locks of Love and Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths are some of them. If you are not in a mood to sell your hair for cash,

you may join these efforts and offer a small help to cancer patients who are unable to pay for expensive wigs.   


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