Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss

While there are a number of men out there who have fallen victim to baldness, and are able to either seek treatments, or shave their head and pull off the sexy Vin Diesel or Bruce Willis look, when this condition plagues women, the options aren't so flexible.

There are several million women across the globe that fall prey to hair-loss - scientifically referred to as"Alopecia." This condition is further broken down into a number of different types of Alopecia from conditions like "alopecia barbae" to "alopecia areata," and more and they each vary in severity as well as causation. While some baldness may be due to hereditary factors, others may occur as a symptom of some other affliction to a woman's health.

The perception and social image associated with a woman is one that frowns upon someone with bald patched on their scalp, and for this reason a number of women suffering from these conditions seek female hair loss treatments created to address their exact situation.

These methods may differ from those practiced for male hair loss treatment but are still effective.

Allopathic Treatments

Some of the available female hair loss treatments out there include medications and/or surgical procedures recommended by a health physician. Consultants may prescribe medications like supplements of estrogen hormones for women in a bid to trigger hair growth or for females who are past menopause and at an age where there is only some or no supply of estrogen into their bodies, there are options like oral intake or injections of estrogen as a way to help with hair growth.

A popular medicine that is frequently suggested for female hair loss treatment is called Minoxydil (Rogaine). This is an FDA approved medication that has shown promise and is so effective that a higher concentration can even lead to over-growth and hair on certain areas inadvertently.

Homeopathic Treatments

Apart from medications, female hair loss treatments can also include herbal treatments or medications made up natural extracts - these alternatives claim to have lesser risk, a slower pace of progress, and consequently, no side-effects.

Saw Palmetto is one renowned herbal treatment option available for women suffering from hair loss. Its principle is to block the production of testosterone and following this procedure culminates into successful re-growth of hair.

Other options like using herbs including Sage and Rosemary and boiling them in water to create a paste, applied as a shampoo and massaging the scalp with specific oils, have also been said to help females with hair loss.

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