Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Hair loss treatment for women is not vitally important to the companies that provide solutions to this problem because there are not many women who suffer hair loss. Fifty percent of men over the age of fifty suffer from hair loss, but only a very small percentage of women suffer from hair loss. Many women who do suffer hair loss also suffer from serious diseases which cause the hair loss. Often the focus is on the underlying cause rather than the hair loss so once the underlying condition is cured, the hair begins to grow again. Some of these women suffer hair loss because of cancer treatments. Once these treatments are completed, the hair loss problem disappears with the disease.

Women who suffer from hair loss do not have the same problem as men so the hair loss treatment for women differs substantially. Most men who suffer hair loss do not regain their hair without some kind of treatment. Women who suffer from hair loss often naturally reverse the problem over time. Men who suffer often lose much of the hair on their head while women tend to keep a fair amount of hair over their heads. Women usually suffer thinning of the hair rather than totally losing the hair.

Hair Loss Treatment For Women Focuses On Specific Problems

Some information points to the loss of the hormone estrogen as the reason for hair loss in women. There is a school of thought that estrogen can be replaced, and the hair loss will stop. Estrogen in the form of birth control pills can be an effective hair loss treatment for women. This can have some harmful side effects so all women would be wise to check their progress carefully after they start this program. Women sometimes suffer from small round bald patches in their scalp. Sometimes these small bald patches appear, but they disappear quickly without further treatment.

There is at least one cream provided by a drug manufacturer that will help all women who suffer temporary or potentially long term hair loss. These creams do promote the growth of hair in spots damaged by hair loss. Women can also buy and wear a wig to cover up the signs of hair loss. The wigs available on the market are expensive and uncomfortable, but often they look more realistic than similar hairpieces for men. These can be a temporary substitute for a hair loss treatment for women.

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