New Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

New Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

Divine Skin, a developer of biotechnology for topical, nutritional, and pharmaceutical therapies, announced the launch of a new technology called Polaris API Solution 9 to be supplied by physicians for hair loss treatment.

Key ingredients of Polaris API Solution 9 are minoxidil sulfate, finasteride, alfatradiol, and other active components. The system also includes other auxiliary agents like apple polyphenol, copper peptides, nutrients, and conditioners to enhance the formula further.

The company claims it is the most complete solution that can be used for hair loss, either by prescription or over the counter configured to the individual needs of the patient by physicians.

"We are launching a new category," said CEO Daniel Khesin during a conference call with investors. "We expect this line to change the game and to offer a powerful new tool for dermatologists that can really make a difference in their approach to treatment."

The new API has been clinically proven to inhibit androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) effectively. Each major component of the new API -- minoxidil sulfate, finasteride, and alfatradiol -- has been individually tested and proven to curb hair loss in men.

Symptoms of androgenic alopecia mostly appear at the age of 40-50 in men, so they can only purchase the customized Polaris API solution from physicians who can create the potent mix of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), according to company officials.

"With very few options available, Polaris API Solution 9 is by far the most viable option for physicians to quickly and easily customize the ideal treatment for their patients," Khesin added. "We expect everyone to do very well with this product."

Divine Skin eyes a bigger market with this product. The company posted revenue of $5.4 million in 2010 -- up 55 percent over the previous year. Polaris API Solution 9 creates a major new revenue stream for the company, according to company officials.

The company currently distributes its DS Laboratories, Polaris and Sigma branded products through a network of specialty retailers, online stores, spas/salons, medical professionals, and wholesalers.

Divine Skin's flagship brand DS Laboratories offers high-performance topical solutions to restore growth and radiance to hair, suppress dandruff and unwanted hair, control acne, improve hygiene, and reduce cellulite and wrinkles. The product enhances bioavailability through encapsulation. Polaris Research Laboratories makes high-potency minoxidil-based hair-growth formulas. The Sigma Skin brand addresses hair loss and other signs of aging using topical products and formulas that combine highly effective ingredients and proven through scientific testing.

Sigma's top line is the three-step Hair Regrowth System that consists of Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, Minoxidil Topical Spray, and Hair Conditioning Active Ingredient Spray. By attacking baldness through multiple pathways, the system regrows hair thicker, fuller, and faster than any single treatment, according to an official announcement from the company.

Other Sigma products include the anti-aging facial cleanser, facial moisturizer, hair-suppressing aftershave, and abdominal toning cream, among others.

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