Formaldehyde-Free Hair Smoothing Treatment Gaining Popularity

Formaldehyde-Free Hair Smoothing Treatment Gaining Popularity

A new treatment called Concen-Straight Pro Treatment is gaining popularity among health-conscious customers. San Francisco-based hair salon Edo Salon is offering this new hair straightening and smoothing treatment using Bumble and Bumble's new product line.

Concen-Straight Pro Treatment, according to hair stylists at Edo Salon, is a "breakthrough in gentle, non-damaging, customizable hair straightening." What more, the treatment is free of formaldehyde, cysteine and lye – harsh chemicals that could result in serious health hazards.

Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the harmful effects of chemicals used in hair care products. A recent study conducted by ChemRisk confirmed the fact that many hair smoothing products in the market contain formaldehyde.

The study corroborates OSHA's findings that airborne formaldehyde levels associated with some keratin-based hair-smoothing treatments may exceed certain occupational exposure limits set by the U.S. government. Bumble and Bumble's Straight line treatment is safe because it is free from chemicals that damage the scalp and cause serious health hazards.

Concen-Straight Pro Treatment provides clients with lasting smoothness for up to 30 shampoos, the company claims. Concen-Straight Pro Smoothing Treatment uses Concen-Straight Technology, Straight Shampoo and Straight Blow Dry, making your hair soft and silky for several days.

Straight Shampoo is special because it is sulfate-free cleanser that makes hair soft, smooth and reduces frizz. Straight Blow Dry is a lightweight, heat-activated styling balm that helps deliver straight, smooth, healthy-looking styles with movement.

"These products are so awesome because OSHA and the FDA are in the process of issuing a recall on The Brazilian Blow-outs and Keratin Treatments which contain a dangerous amount of Formaldehyde. This is a safe version that is leaves your hair with similar results," said Tiffany Ward, manager of Edo Salon and Gallery.

Edo Salon hair stylists offer the treatment starting at $350. Customers also get a take-home shampoo and conditioner as part of this package.

Since OSHA issued warning against hair styling products including the popular Brazilian Blowout for their dangerous levels of formaldehyde, the hair stylist industry has been abuzz over the health and financial implications. The industry is looking for an immediate solution.

Meanwhile customers who are informed about the health risks of hair blowout products containing formaldehyde are turning to alternate products like those from Bumble and bumble which are formaldehyde free. In a recent interview with Women's Wear Daily in August, Bumble and bumble's CEO said that sales of smoothing treatments "are on fire." And the competition is fierce.


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