How to Stop Hair Loss in Women

Tips on How to Stop Hair Loss in Women

The question on how to stop hair loss in women has been asked over and over again for generations. Women experience the thinning of their hair especially when they grow older. Although most women do not really go bald, their hair could grow very thin in some areas of the head especially the crown. In most cases, the thinning of the hair causes a lot of distress in women.

What Causes Baldness in Women?

If one wants to stop hair loss in women, it is best to understand the causes thereof first. Baldness in women is caused by a number of factors such as heredity, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, illness, medications and other conditions such as giving birth. To stop hair loss in women, one must identify what caused the loss of hair. For instance, permanent hair dye, chemical straighteners, perms, the use of flat irons, curling irons and hair dryers can cause damage to the hair that could lead to baldness or thinning of the hair. By simply stopping the assault on the hair, one can stop hair loss in women.

Hair Care Tips

To stop hair loss in women, it is advisable to use a wide tooth comb instead of a tight-toothed comb. One will most likely pull the hair harder if one use a fine-toothed combed than a wide-toothed one. Note that constant pulling on the hair causes damage on the hair follicles. According to experts, weakened hair follicles may lead to hair loss. Furthermore, do not braid your hair too tightly. It is better to just tie the hair in a loose manner or just simply let it flow naturally. Experts believe that letting the hair flow naturally will relieve it from a lot of stress. Besides, naturally flowing hair looks a lot more beautiful than a tight braid.

To stop hair loss in women, it is best to avoid washing and shampooing the hair more than once a day. Sure it is nice to have clean hair all the time but too much washing and shampooing could damage the hair and weaken its foundation. Clean hair is cool but a bald head in women is definitely not!

Chemical bleaches and other strong substances should also be avoided. According to experts, it is not wise to put on permanent hair dyes and bleaches. The hair is a fragile thing and it can be easily damaged by strong substances. In most cases, if will take the hair a few months to recover after a single application of chemical substances.

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