Hair loss treatment side effects

Hair loss treatment side effects

Hair loss treatment side effects: Mostly Scalp Irritation With Possible Blood Circulation Problems As Well

On the face of it, the various hair loss treatment side effects may not at first appear to be all that serious and there are many facts to support this way of thinking. And this has been borne out from 1996 after which there were recommendations given by an advisory committee to the FDA that recommended that hair loss treatments such as Rogaine should be available over the counter.

Don’t Be Too Hasty In Arriving At A Conclusion

Using Rogaine, users have found that there is certain hair loss treatment side effects related solely to its use and these include itchy scalps as well as irritation of the skin. However, before jumping to conclusions about this form of hair loss treatment side effects it is important to consider whether it may not be due to other medications being taken by the patient, or may be a result of an existing medical condition.

In any case, there are a number of hair loss treatment side effects to consider and they include adverse scalp conditions including irritation, redness, and dryness as well as flaking of the scalp. The problem may be solved by using a good anti-dandruff shampoo. Other hair loss treatment side effects include changes in the blood pressure which may result in increased heartbeats, pains in the chest region, headaches, fainting as well as difficulty in breathing.

A little thought of, but nevertheless a possible hair loss treatment side effect is that of increased hair loss. This may indeed be a strange phenomenon considering the fact that hair loss treatments such as Rogaine are meant to prevent hair loss and help in re-growing the hair. However, these hair loss treatments are known to cause changes in the hair follicles to remove weaker hairs and make way for new hair to grow. In case such a side effect is noticed over a period of a month or more, you should consult your doctor.

Hair loss treatment side effects also include having greasy hair that may also be sticky and are hard to manage. To prevent such a side effect, manufacturers of Rogaine came up with Rogaine Foam that addresses just this type of side effect.

Whatever are the hair loss treatment side effects, it is necessary for the user to commit to a long term use of the hair loss treatment product because they will need to persevere and try out the product for at least six months before drawing a conclusion about its usefulness or otherwise. Also, remember to use it at least twice in a day.

The bottom line is that Rogaine which is a good example of hair loss treatment will only cause hair loss treatment side effects such as irritating the scalp in most instances. There may however, also be problem with the blood circulation and to remove doubts it is best to consult with a medical practitioner.

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