Follea Adds Peggy Knight Solutions' European Hair Cranial Prosthetics for Alopecia Areata Treatment

Follea Adds Peggy Knight Solutions' European Hair Cranial Prosthetics for Alopecia Areata Treatment

Follea, the company known for the design and manufacture of natural, lightweight European hair wigs and "hair for life" solutions, announced it has further expanded its product portfolio with the acquisition of Peggy Knight Solutions, the leader in supplying high-quality European Hair Cranial Prosthetics to Alopecia Areata sufferers.

The addition of Peggy Knight products to the robust portfolio of Follea's broad range of application-specific hairpieces like the Gripper Collection enables the company to offer effective solutions to address the needs of women with all forms of thinning hair, as well as total hair loss.

Follea's European hair Gripper Collection is designed for women with Alopecia Areata and others who have little to no hair. Gripper is light, breathable, stays securely in place without tape or adhesives that can cause adverse skin conditions. It can be worn in off-the-face styles with a natural hairline, the company claims. Other popular solutions offered by the company include the next generation lightweight wigs, Topette Crown Extensions and specialist hairpieces.

"With Follea's long-standing reputation for bringing nature's most beautiful hair to discerning women everywhere and the company's global presence, the team at Peggy Knight Solutions will be able to focus on what they do best, providing the premier service to women who are experiencing hair loss," said President of Follea USA Michael Leigh. "When women living with hair loss come to us to discuss their thinning hair, Alopecia, chemotherapy or other hair needs, we want to ensure they have the most positive experience possible." Following this acquisition, Follea will add representatives from Peggy Knight Solutions in its Independent Client Area Representative (ICARe) Program and will market Follea products exclusively, which are considered to be the finest available worldwide.

ICARe Program was introduced in 2011 to provide women with personalized care in selecting the best hair solution for them. Several leading hair stylists and salon owners through the world are members of the ICARe Program. With representation throughout the U.S., Europe, UAE,

Australia and Canada, women can seek the help they need from a Follea representative, often in the privacy of their own home.

Alopecia in women can arise due to several reasons. While alopecia in most women occurs due to genetic reasons, there are a few external factors that contribute for unnatural hair loss in women. They include improper cosmetic use, infection, thyroid diseases, medication, lack of nutrition, child birth and serious illnesses like cancer.

Telogen effluvium, for example, is the medical term for hair loss from a traumatic event. Childbirth, malnutrition, infections, surgery, stress and thyroid disease are among the many conditions and events that may lead to this disorder.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease and may affect women of any age. In this case, the person loses the hair in patches. In rare cases there may be a total loss of hair. Traction alopecia is caused due to an injury to the hair, specifically hairstyles that pull the hair tightly. Hair extensions, tight braids and cornrows can lead to hair thinning.

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