Baldness Hair Loss Natural Treatment Methods

Baldness Hair Loss Natural Treatment Methods

Many people losing their hair and are looking for non-chemical methods to fight baldness hair loss natural treatment methods are rapidly being advanced. With the side effects accompanying the two approved drugs for hair loss, minoxidil and finasteride, along with a mediocre return on the investment, finding a baldness hair loss natural treatment that may be less expensive is causing most of the searching.

Naturalists believe that the hair is an indicator of the health of the whole body and healthy hair is a sign of a healthy body. Certain ailments can cause hair loss that may be reversible once the underlying cause is eliminated, but certain illnesses can be cured naturally, while at the same time providing a baldness hair loss natural treatment. Male pattern baldness, on the other hand is known to be caused by genetics and genetics typically cannot be changed, however, the effects of hair loss has been stopped and even reversed in many cases through natural herbs and spices.

One study showed a slight improvement of hair count when onion oil was rubbed into the scalp, effectively stopping the loss of hair growth and in a few of the test subjects, an increase the hair count was reported. However, not everyone is amenable to rubbing onion juice into his or her scalp on a daily basis as a baldness hair loss natural treatment.

Chemical Treatments Follow Nature’s Course

The increased presence of Dihydrotestosterone is widely believed responsible for the loss of hair in those experiencing male pattern baldness. A specific enzyme is believed responsible for converting testosterone into DHT, which clings to the hair follicle and halts its ability to grow hair. Saw palmetto has shown significant promise in reducing DHT levels in many subjects and is often used as a baldness hair loss natural treatment.

L-lysine is another product being touted as a baldness hair loss natural treatment, especially for women. When used in combination with vitamin B6 and garlic oil or garlic extract, has shown some success in restoring the numbers of hair, the thickness of the hair or a fewer number of hair follicle in the resting stage. All of these conditions can be viewed a hair loss and a patent has been applied which would consider L-lysine a baldness hair loss natural treatment.

Another baldness hair loss natural treatment includes massaging the scalp with essential oils from certain plants, similar oils used for massages for muscle relaxation with the aroma helping affect the psychology. Daily applications have shown improvement in hair growth and in some, has stopped hair loss.

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